From Florida Fling to Forever by Susan Carlisle / Secret from Their LA Night by Julie Danvers

From Florida Fling to Forever by Susan Carlisle / Secret from Their LA Night by Julie Danvers
Publisher: Harlequin
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Nymphaea

From Florida Fling to Forever by Susan Carlisle

Soak up the Floridian sun with Susan Carlisle’s latest Harlequin Medical Romance as two surgeons try to resist their greatest temptation: each other!

Rule number one? Forget their fling
If only it was that easy! Pioneering transplant surgeon Lily Evans is always cool under pressure. So why does the idea of working with ex-fling Max James have her so hot under the collar? Max is just passing through Florida, after all, and maintaining a professional relationship is top of their agenda. Yet Lily’s sensible head is being overruled by her unusually reckless heart as she begins to fall for more than just Max’s roguish charms…

Secret from Their LA Night by Julie Danvers

It started with one night…
…and led to a nine-month secret!
Dr. Emily Archer would rather be anywhere than Los Angeles! Arriving to offer her sports medicine expertise to an international dance team, she’s immediately confronted by the memories of her turbulent childhood in the spotlight. Fortunately, on her first night, she finds the perfect distraction—charismatic Dr. Daniel Labarr. Neither can resist when instant passion takes over… And neither realize that their passion has been life changing!

Two great stories to warm the heart.

I love a good romance and these two stories deliver. I already knew I liked Susan Carlisle’s books and now I’ve discovered Julie Danvers. Both books made me happy, left me satisfied and I can’t recommend these enough.

In Susan Carlisle’s From Florida Fling to Forever, Dr Lily and Dr Max have a fling. They should work out and be together, but that’s too easy. I liked how the author wrote the twists and turns for this couple and had me rooting for them right away. They’re both likable characters and easy to envision. I also felt like I was there in the sweltering Florida heat. Kudos.

In Julie Danvers’ Secret from Their LA Night, Dr Emily and Dr Daniel have a one-night stand that results in a pregnancy. I liked that Emily is flawed. She’s been through a lot and wants someone to take care of her. Is that Daniel? Well, this is a one-night stand and those don’t always work out. Now throw in the pregnancy. Things get sticky, but also adorable. I rooted for these two, too. I liked the way the author wrote the characters and will look for more by this author.

If you want something great for a couple afternoons of reading and packed with heart, then this is the pair of books for you.

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