Fixation by Ricardo Mejias

Fixation by Ricardo Mejias
Publisher: Forever More Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (49 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 2.5 stars
Reviewed by Ginger

She bleeds sexuality. Michael doesn’t know her name. He’s never seen her before, and she only appears in his dreams. But she won’t leave, and even though he isn’t sure if she’s a sign of luck or a dark omen, he can’t seem to let her go.

Michael has been dreaming of a woman he’s never met before. He knows she can’t be real, but with each morning the dreams linger, always leaving him with the same question—just who is this person? And why can’t he stop thinking about her? She’s a sexual whirlwind of every pent-up desire and fantasy he’s ever had, and she doesn’t seem to be disappearing any time soon.

Then there’s Lisa, a woman who isn’t imagined, who doesn’t disappear in the daylight and who just might be the one. But is it cheating to be with someone while thinking of another? What if the line between night and day blur? Michael’s about to find out his nocturnal visits may have some very real—and deadly—consequences.

By night Michael has had visits by a sexual being that seems all too real. By day he’s intrigued by a green eyed co-worker. Will Michael’s fantasy girl win or will it be the lady of reality?

The novel opens with Michael having phone sex with an unknown individual. I couldn’t help but wonder if perhaps later in the novel the person would be revealed.

One of the bright points of this short story is that the author does a good job of setting the scene. In the beginning of the novel I was enjoying the author’s writing style and the flow of words. The description of the rain clouds and the description of the bedroom scenes had the making of a four star rating.

I was curious as to why the dream lady was appearing in Michael’s dreams. She introduced herself as Melissa. Michael compared women he knew to the fictitious Melissa. Being with Melissa felt right despite the strangeness of it all. This premise drew me in.

Then I noticed an odd pattern. The author introduced characters without creating a visual or any type of connection to the story. It’s like they were added to the story but really didn’t have any importance, just someone for the main character to converse with.

Lisa wasn’t one of those random characters. Instead, she makes up the third corner of this curious triangle. Lisa is a co-worker who Michael found himself attracted to. They go out on a first date and at the end of the first date Lisa stated she did not think they should move so fast after only the first day. That was fine but then on the second date they start a sexual relationship. This causes a conflict with Michael because he now feels guilty about the two relationships…Melissa the lady that visits him in his dreams and now Lisa the lady he is drawn to in reality.

The relationship between Michael and Lisa was quick. It’s clear that Michael is attracted to Lisa but their relationship was shallow beyond the attraction. I did not get a fuzzy romantic love feeling I like to read in a romance. Michael was acting more on physical desire and the relationship did not develop past the sex. Lisa makes Michael happy, though I’m not sure how since the author didn’t go that deep into the relationship.

The idea behind the plot was unique. A dream lady versus choosing a lady of flesh and blood. The execution lacked depth. I kept waiting for my questions to be answered. At the closing of the novel the author did add a brief paranormal twist that seem kind of rushed and lacked detail. Without giving specifics, I’ll say the ending left me puzzled but it might work for another reader.

This short had some issues but the author had a writing style that appealed to me and kept me reading. It was a quick and interesting read. Readers who enjoy a good puzzle in their books should check this out and see if you can fit the pieces together.

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