Finding Him by LM Somerton

Finding Him by LM Somerton
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Moonflower

Sometimes, using a safe word gets you exactly what you want.

Canadian Zac Denman is young, rich and submissive. He’s also a kidnap risk who’s grown up in the shadow of bodyguards and security precautions. All he wants is to work out what kind of submissive he is in a safe environment and thanks to his very understanding father, he’s getting the chance to do exactly that. The Retreat in England is safe, discreet and willing to provide a selection of Doms for Zac to play with—a great way of discovering what he is, and isn’t, into.

Dale Gastrell is a friend of The Retreat’s owner, a member of The Underground BDSM club and a soldier turned landscape gardener thanks to an inconvenient bullet. Two weeks providing covert protection to a wealthy client who won’t even know he’s there seems like a perfect break from city life.

But life is never simple, and when Dale and Zac are thrown together, Dale has to fight his attraction. Zac is from a whole different world of wealth and privilege. He’s not for the likes of Dale who has to watch as Doms arrive at The Retreat to give Zac a taste of submission.

Sometimes, all you need is the support of your family. This is what Zac realizes when his father organizes a stay at The Retreat, a super-private BDSM club, so he can figure out just what kind of sub he is. Zac has it luckier than some, in that his father loves him and money is not an issue. However, kidnapping is a constant threat so it’s not all good.

When he arrives at The Retreat, there is instant attraction with Dale, the gardener. He is also extra security but Zac doesn’t know that. Constant sparks fly between the two. Will Zac safeword to be with Dale?

This was a lovely book, that also gave an insight to a couple of other relationships too. Dale and Zac are the main focus though, and I found myself looking forward to the scenes that they were both in. I loved the twist at the end with the number of Doms, but I won’t say anymore.

This is a warm and fuzzy book that gave me a hug as I read it. Although I haven’t read any of the others in this series, it did not impact my enjoyment of this book in any way, apart from making me want to read those too! Highly recommended by me.

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