Fermenting by Sean Michael

Fermenting by Sean Michael
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (116 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/M, Anal Play, Toys, Fisting, Spanking
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Christian needs what Peter has to give him, but will he let himself have it?

With Toby’s stalker behind bars, Damon and Toby can relax and enjoy their relationship, sinking into basking and revelling in each other.

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Christian’s training and the café they’re opening create good excuses for Christian to keep from submitting, even though, deep down, it’s what he really wants. Peter’s perseverance will have to work overtime to overcome them.

Will Christian ever give in to the things he knows he needs? Only time will tell.

Peter and Christian are still exploring their relationship. Christian is struggling to find his sub-space, and deep inside he’s worried he might never really reach it. Peter has fallen deeply in love with his boy and is more than happy to push Christian’s boundaries, to help him find that special place where nothing but the two of them exist.

While this book mostly focused on Peter and Christian and the progression of their relationship, I enjoyed the quick look-in’s we got to see of Damon and Toby too. The earlier books in this series centered on Damon and Toby’s relationship so it was fun to see some resolution of those plots happen. That said, this book really does show a lot of progress and deepening of Peter and Christian. I’ve loved this couple (Christian in particular) as complex characters in the earlier books and was thrilled to really dig deeper into their stories.

This is book five in the series. I feel it would be best if readers had read at least a few of the previous stories – but I have to admit the author does a great job of writing this book as a self-contained story. I feel readers could read this without any of the previous ones and the reader will still enjoy a great, emotional BDSM story. But the story is much richer, more complex and deeper having read the previous installments. I feel the experience is far greater having come the full journey.

I loved reading both Peter and Christian, as well as Damon and Toby’s stories continue. I’ve grown really attached to these characters and hope there are more books coming down the line. Hot and sweet, filled with interesting, multi-layered characters this is an awesome book and one I know I will reread many times to come. Recommended.

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