Farren’s Wizard by Amber Kell

Farren’s Wizard by Amber Kell
Publisher: Totally Bound
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (116 pages)
Other: M/M, Anal Play
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Lisianthus

When the world is on the line, will love be enough to save them all?

Farren Azar came to college to get his degree. However, he knew he couldn’t let anyone know about his djinn blood. The djinn had been exiled to a different plane, and if his heritage was discovered, he could be banished too. When a djinn and a fire god become involved in his life, he has to figure how to handle two powerful entities without losing himself.

Dan Stewartson knew Farren was the one. A glance between them had him hooked. When strange fires begin popping up around campus and fingers are pointed at Farren, Dan refuses to believe his lover could be responsible. Will he be able to save Farren’s reputation, or will secrets come between them and wreck their budding romance?

I enjoy the idea of a world where magic is the norm. The other stories in this series kind of were a bit more paranormal since there were wolves and mates involved, but in this one there are fewer werewolves and more just pure magic which I absolutely loved.

Farren is part djinn and djinn were banished, so he doesn’t flaunt his heritage, but between his vengeful djinn grandfather and catching the attention of a fire god, well life isn’t a picnic or an easy ride for poor Farren. I think he handles it all beautifully and takes the punches thrown at him in stride.

Toss in the wizard who is very sure Farren is his mate, even if wizards don’t really mate. Dan is the perfect foil for Farren, he’s everything that Farren could ever hope for in a mate, and doesn’t bat an eye at learning the truth about Farren, which I totally loved because it made me fall a bit in love with Dan myself.

My one big complaint with this story, it ended super abruptly. Things do wrap up, the story line does end, but without an epilogue, it just felt unfinished. I wanted to know how things ended for Dan and Farren, how they recovered from events in the story.

The story has a lot of action and I found myself holding my breath a few times. I really enjoy when a plot keeps me that entertained.

Overall, it’s a great magical fantasy story, with a healthy dose of two men falling in love and loving each other physically, the scenes when they do get a moment alone are both sweet and very hot.

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