Fairy Tale Lies: Opposites Attract by DK Marie

Fairy Tale Lies: Opposites Attract by DK Marie
Publisher: Champagne Book Group
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (232 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

She’s sweet. He’s sexy. Together they’re scorching sensuality.

Greta and Jacob aren’t looking for love, but when they meet, their attraction is white hot, melting away all self-restraint.

Both times.

The first is a stormy spring afternoon, spent indulging in each other’s bodies. When they’re abruptly interrupted, they part ways convinced they’re nothing more than an erotic chapter in the other’s life.

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Lust turns to love, but resentments fester. Jacob’s convinced Greta will never see him as anything more than a blue-collar nobody. A temporary indulgence. Greta fears she isn’t strong enough to stand against both her family’s scorn and Jacob’s growing anger.

As tempers flare and passions deepen, they have to decide if their love is strong enough to shatter the cynicism and misconceptions of what it means to be each other’s fairy tale ending.

Greta is astonished when she attends a meeting being held to introduce an important new client and it turns out to be Jacob – with whom she had a brief afternoon fling but was still vivid in her memories. Neither Greta nor Jacob want to make waves professionally, but can they sort out their complicated personal feelings?

I found this steamy and sensual full length novel was surprising and engrossing. I thoroughly enjoyed the authors’ tone and writing style and found it both modern and easy to read, quickly finding myself deeply curious about how Greta and Jacob could resolve their history and build a solid base to begin their relationship again. Each had incorrect, pre-conceived notions about the other and it was amusing to watch them both have to adjust their snap judgments of the other and pretty much start from the beginning again.

The romance moved quite slowly and I both enjoyed this and found it difficult. I love a story where I can really get to know the characters first, understand their motivations and reasons, plus it’s always lovely to see them interact together without all the drama and extra complexities that romance always brings. But since Greta and Jacob had already been intimate in the past it felt a little stilted to me how they tried to wind their relationship backwards and be platonic together, just colleagues and pretend their memories and intimacy didn’t exist. It felt weird and a little unrealistic to me, so in that sense the slowness of the pace of their romance just never gelled or worked properly for me.

I found the intimate scenes between Greta and Jacob to be steamy and well-written, they were descriptive and passionate, but not over the top or too provocative. I thought the author did a good job showing the complexities of Greta and Jacob’s relationship. Each of them had sensible reasons behind their actions but – particularly in the beginning – neither were very good at expressing or conveying themselves to the other. I was a little disappointed that they both tended to make assumptions and react without clearly understanding where the other was coming from – that felt a bit silly to me, personally. But I was pleased particularly once they both began to see the other wasn’t as bad as they had originally assumed they both tried hard to communicate better and understand what was really happening.

For the most part I thoroughly enjoyed this steamy and fun romance, finding the winding and complicated road Greta and Jacob traveled together to be interesting and a great read. There were a few clichés – Greta’s ex and the smarmy co-worker who wanted to get in her pants both felt a little like plot-devices to ramp up the competitiveness and tension – but I have to admit they worked a treat to make the story feel more complicated. I enjoyed watching both Greta and Jacob have to work to mend and then build their relationship and blips on the path are a part of what life’s all about.

With modern and interesting characters, a good cast of strong secondary characters and plenty of twists and turns I found this to be a fun and interesting read.

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