Exiled Alpha by Amber Morgan

Exiled Alpha by Amber Morgan
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Paranormal
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Rachel Jacobs is a wolf on a mission. To save her pack from destruction, she’s turning to the werewolf who nearly destroyed it once before. Arkady Gusev is everything her father ever warned her againstso why does she find him so irresistible?

Arkady Gusev isn’t looking for a pack or a woman. But when Rachel walks through his door, she throws down a challenge he can’t resist. Is this exiled alpha about to come home?

Rachel had driven a long way to get to the Sandbox – a shifter-run club where pretty much anything was possible, for a price. Rachel wasn’t interested in any side entertainment though, she had one purpose, to convince Arkady to return to their pack – the same pack he’d been exiled from a number of years ago. Can Rachel and Arkady work together to solve each of their problems?

While I thought Arkady – and Rachel in a different way – were both rough and ready characters I enjoyed how they clashed with each other and both were not ashamed of themselves or their desires. Both headstrong and determined, it was fun to watch Rachel and Arkady circle each other and snap and snarl. Readers looking for an intense and hotly written story with plenty of sizzle and a bit of bite should find this really suits what they’re after.

Readers looking for a redemption style story or something a bit on the sweeter style definitely won’t find that here in this short story. But I was pleased with the strong, almost fierce and very modern take on the werewolf pack, the ousted Alpha and in particular I was pretty impressed with the deal Rachel and Arkady struck at the end.

With a very different – but undeniable – Happy Ever After, this was a fun and strong, sharp and toothy quick read.

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