Don’t Be Silly! At My Age? by Jacqueline Diamond

Don’t Be Silly! At My Age? by Jacqueline Diamond
Sisters, Lovers & Second Chances Book 2
Publisher: K. Loren Wilson
Genre: Romance, Contemporary
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Astilbe

At 54, the strong-minded nurse doesn’t believe in romance. At 60, the successful novelist is sure he knows all about it. They both have a lot to learn, mostly from each other!

Nurse Mandy Matchett dreams of writing a book. Why not take a class taught by her neighbor, mystery writer Richard Forbes, even though she finds him arrogant and her cat hates his dog? This outspoken duo is on course for a collision that will rock both their worlds.

Don’t Be Silly! At My Age? is the second book in the Sisters, Lovers & Second Chances series. Reviewers raved about Really? At Your Age?, which features Mandy’s sister, Dr. Cody Matchett. J. Molynick called it “…a riveting read! I finished it in a matter of a few hours.” Irene S. wrote, “This is a book that I will keep and reread again.”

Life is full of surprises.

The author did an excellent job of creating likeable and memorable characters whose realistic flaws helped to propel everything forward. I was honestly a little sad to say goodbye to them in the final scene. Even the characters who could occasionally be a little grumpy or flaky ended up winning me over. They felt like genuine people to me, and I wished I could have spent more time getting to know them. I’m now hoping to read the first book in this series and would love to continue on with it in the future if the author writes additional sequels as well.

My only piece of constructive criticism for this book involves a subplot about someone who may have meant Mandy harm. Of course I hoped for a peaceful resolution, but he had an understandable reason for being furious with her. I was fascinated by the growing conflict between them and wished more attention had been paid to developing this storyline after it was first mentioned. If that had been the case, I would have easily given this a full five-star rating as everything else about it was delightful.

This was such a tender but honest description of life in a small town. I grinned every time I discovered a new social, business, or familial connection between the characters. Just like in our world, everyone knew everyone else in this community, and there was no such thing as a secret. Yes, it could be a little insular at times, but that was perfectly normal for such a tight-knit and tiny community. I appreciated the fact that the author spent so much time describing the many different types of relationships everyone had with each other. It was absolutely perfect for the setting.

Don’t Be Silly! At My Age? was a well-rounded romance that I was thrilled to have the opportunity to read.

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