Dominic’s Touch by Jenika Snow

Dominic’s Touch by Jenika Snow
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short story (82 pages)
Other: M/F, Anal Play
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Where do we draw the line between love and the forbidden?

Chloe isn’t supposed to want Dominic, not because of who he is, not because of what he is to her, but because of the complications being with him would cause. As she grows older, things change.

Life changes.

Love becomes tainted.

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What she always thought would last … didn’t. Or maybe it never was supposed to.

And it’s when it feels like the world is falling apart that she finds her feelings for Dominic growing, changing … becoming forbidden.

As emotions peak, love is tested, and her life is turned upside down, it’s Dominic who’s there to keep Chloe upright. It’s Dominic who’s there to show her that no matter what, love can’t be wrong, no matter who it’s with, or what anyone else thinks.

Chloe had always been extra-close to her Uncle Dominic. The ex-SEAL was far younger than Chloe’s other family and Dominic was the only one who always made time for her. When Chloe and Dominic’s worlds both get torn apart the summer before Chloe starts college they each will need to face some hard truths that they’ve both been denying. Can they resettle their world, together?

I enjoyed this steamy short story. With a lovely slow and detailed beginning, I was pleased that Chloe and Dominic didn’t simply act on their feelings the moment Chloe came of age. There were a number of complications hampering both Chloe and Dominic and obstacles they each needed to overcome before they were clear and in the right place to act on their long-standing attractions. I was also very relieved, personally, that Dominic was clearly shown as being genuinely in love and besotted with Chloe’s aunt – there was no shenanigans or questioning Dominic’s motives and this helped ease me into really enjoying both Dominic’s character and being happy with the way Chloe and Dominic’s relationship grew over time.

While I needed to throw logic out of the window to a degree – too many things clicked perfectly into place at exactly the same time for me to feel it was truly realistic – I don’t feel the author stretched the boundary of realism too far. More importantly, I found the gradual easing of Dominic and Chloe’s relationship from that of family who shared a special connection and into something more to be both well written and tastefully handled. I’m not certain this will be every readers cup of tea, there is no blood-tie between Chloe and Dominic but there is still the family connection and Chloe was young when her (innocent) attraction to Dominic began. Readers looking for something sexy and only slightly taboo should find this suits their tastes.

I was pleased the intimacy didn’t begin until about half way through the short story. Personally I feel a story like this needed the longer build-up, showing and outlining how this wasn’t some kinky fantasy or darker story unfurling, but simply two people who grew over time to love and appreciate each other. And when Chloe and Dominic did finally explore the more physical aspect of their attraction the sex between them was hot and explicit.

Slightly naughty, this is a good and strongly written short story I feel should appeal to many readers.

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