Dichotomy by Elyzabeth M. VaLey

Dichotomy by Elyzabeth M. VaLey
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Paranormal
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Iris is not a usual tiger shifter. Yes, she’s independent, headstrong and dominant, but in the right hands, she’s also submissive and eager to please. The issue has always been finding someone who accepts both sides of her nature and doesn’t try to change her.

Riker and Jared have been mates for almost a decade, but they always knew they were missing a third in their relationship. When they meet Iris, they’re elated. Finally, they’ll be whole. However, they quickly realize the tiger shifter is not what she first seems and bringing the three of them together for good might not be as easy as they initially thought.

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I really enjoyed the different dynamic this story offered. While erotic threesome/ménage stories are pretty common nowadays, and shifter romances aren’t very new either, I haven’t read many ménage plotlines where one of the threesome is a proper switch. I felt that, coupled with the MMF relationship makeup – and the fact the two men were already in a long-standing, stable and BDSM style of relationship – this really helped make this story seem fresher and somewhat new to me.

I was somewhat nervous and how Iris would fit in with the dynamic already long-held and working well between Riker and Jared, but the author did a really good job handling that I felt. Jared was certainly submissive, but he wasn’t shy or uncommunicative on his feeling nor his thoughts. I definitely felt this helped ease some of the transition and smoothed some of the bumps those initial few conversations could have had between Riker and Iris. Jared was an excellent sounding board for both of them and I feel his character really was in many ways the glue that helped form their bond and keep any assumptions or miscommunications get out of control.

The three of them all had to walk a careful line to begin with and I thought this was handled quite well and somewhat believably. A part of me feels Iris in particular came around just a little too quickly, much of the start of the story was filled with her resisting and convincing herself that she could never really submit even though she wanted to, so to have her give in and be comfortable and happy after only a few meetings and discussions just felt a little too simple. The short length of the story though and the fact a part of her wanted to submit helped make this a little more believable but I’m not sure all readers will feel this way. The sex was deliciously hot and should really satisfy most erotica readers with a bit of BDSM heat but nothing too over the top.

Sexy and fun this short story is a great shifter, ménage, BDSM story I feel many readers should enjoy.

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