Daughter Of The Dark Moon by Holly Bargo

Daughter Of The Dark Moon by Holly Bargo
Publisher: Hen House Publishing
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full length (282 pages)
Heat level: Spicy
Rating: Best Book
Review ed by Chamomile

Worlds fear the powerful, ruthless, and cold-hearted Unseelie king. Deposed and his kingdom conquered, Uberon answers the call of a young human woman’s soul and claims her as his mate. Corinne’s clever mind captivates him, her compassion intrigues him, her beauty enchants him, and her body stokes his libido like nothing else ever did or could.
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Discovering that myths and legends really are based in fact, Corinne soon learns her fate as the Unseelie king’s chosen mate and the consequences of fae immortality as she adapts to a new world and her relationship with Uberon develops. She revels in Uberon’s passion and shoulders the burden of power and responsibility beyond anything she ever dreamed.

A powerful story of Seelie and Unseelie, magic and control, love and loss. I’ve loved each of these books, and this one continues the magical story of a strange and dangerous land where Fae live and humans are drawn to.

As each book focuses on different characters, this series can be read in any order, but to get all the backstory of the characters and their world, then reading them in order might help some, but either way you are in for a treat!

I enjoyed Uberon and Corinne’s story, more so since they had an interesting dynamic with Uberon being a fallen immortal king, and Corinne who has her own strengths and powers, her beauty and character made stronger in her humanity.

Holly Bargo has a gift with words and a vivid imagination for magical lands and characters to match! While the romance is strong in these, it’s beautifully woven into a story of quests for love, burning passion, painful loss, and alluring intimacy. The setting is easy to picture, and the characters aren’t soon forgotten.

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