Data by Marteeka Karland

Data by Marteeka Karland
Bones MC 8
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Zora: I live a life of wealth and luxury. There isn’t anything I can’t have. Except my freedom. So I turned to the computer for friendship. And that’s where I met my match. More than my match And when my life suddenly falls apart, he’s the one to find me. But he’ll also be the one to rip my heart in two.

Data: I’m not good with people. It’s why I stick to my computers. When my online partner and friend ends up in trouble, there’s no way I’m letting her go it alone. I was expecting a mature woman when I pulled up in front of her house. But the girl is barely eighteen.
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And I friggin’ want her. To make matters worse, she’s been targeted by elite members of global organized crime. I’m confident I can keep her safe from that danger. I’m less sure I can keep her safe from me. She’s already had one unwanted relationship with an older man. She doesn’t need a man like me. One who will rule her to make her mine. And kill anyone in my way to keep her safe.

Oh, this was a good one. I really liked the guys from Bone MC because they’re alpha, tough and heroic heroes that ride to the rescue. This story was about Data who I’ve read mentions of in previous books. Yes, this is a standalone read but it also included some very VERY interesting background information about the dynamics between three major players with a fourth being represented by a man named Drago. His character, though on stage for a very brief moment, was memorable and more than intrigued me.

That being said, the story is focused on Zora, a married hacker, and Data, a computer whiz for Bones MC. They originally meet via the internet, but like pen pal letters of old, the written word can lend itself to magic. In this case, both of them kind of fall in love, remotely, but neither realizes the depth of their feelings until they join forces to not only get Zora out of a very scary situation, but figure out a way to keep her safe. There is a mystery afoot as to the end game and just how far someone was willing to go to keep their secrets and deflect any blame to someone else. Ms. Karland imbued her story with chills and thrills as Data’s brethren come together with a plan to save the day.

One thing I noticed in this novella versus the couple I’ve recently reviewed, this one had a chapter that had quite a few missing definite articles, namely the word “the”. It’s not a huge deal but it shocked me because up until this book, the editing was spot on and flawless. It was contained in one section so it’s possible someone got interrupted while editing and didn’t realize they skipped a spot. It happens. I didn’t take any points off my rating though. The book as a whole is awesome and in fact, I’m giving it a half of an extra star because of the scene with Chase. I thought the author handled that situation incredibly well and it made me like Data and the men with him all the more.

Once again, even though this is a novella length, the author managed to pack it with some hefty plot threads, strong romantic motivations and some internal angst. This time around, it is Data experiencing the angst of “should he, or shouldn’t he?” Or, is he too old for her or is he getting in his own way? Should he apologize for coming on too strong, or jump in with both feet and hang the consequences? Since this has a happy ever after ending, I guess the answers are a given. Don’t worry about Zora being married – that’s part of the plot thread. It’s how things iron out that make this such a fun and entertaining read.

I wish I’d had a chance to read some of the other books in the series. I’ve read their reviews and I’m pretty sure I’d like them just as much as the ones I’ve been privileged to read and review. It seems Ms. Karland has a good thing going with these story arcs with the Bones MC. I like her heroes and the heroines she matches them with. I hope there’s a 9th one in the series coming because I think I have a new addiction. I’m going to have to look into the ones I’ve missed because I’m having too much fun. Data is a great read and I’m happy to say so in this review.

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