Daddy’s Rapture by Lila Fox

Daddy’s Rapture by Lila Fox
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 Stars
Reviewed by Moonflower

Kaleb Spencer is a multi-millionaire who’s been looking for a specific type of woman. He never thought he’d be lucky enough to find her—until he runs into Aleena.

Aleena was raised by a grandmother who didn’t believe in women’s lib, sleeping around, or going to bars. Aleena had the disposition that matched her upbringing, and she wasn’t afraid to act feminine and submissive.
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When Aleena meets Kaleb, she fights to keep a wall up to protect herself, until the way he treats her, like she’s precious and worthy, shatters her fears. She opens up and gives them what they both fervently want and desperately need to fulfill their lives.

Kaleb has never found the right woman and, trust me, he’s looked! So much so that when he spots someone he is interested in at his friend’s workplace, his friend warns him to stay away. Of course, he doesn’t. Where would the story be then?

This is the third book in the series and we concentrate on Aleena and how she was raised. In some places, she comes across as almost too naïve but Kaleb is there to help. Bless his heart!

There are a couple of things that didn’t sit well with me. First of all, book two ends on a sort-of cliffhanger with Brylee’s happiness dependent upon Larkin’s. However, nothing is mentioned at all in here about that APART FROM the second point. The girls have a play date and once again, Larking and Brylee are talking about how Gage and Darian are fed up with them. They tell Aleena that they all need to grow up. In Brylee’s book, it is understandable. In Aleena’s book it just the same old being rehashed with no reasoning or explanation behind it.

Apart from that, this was a good story with Kaleb and Aleena driving the story. A nice addition to the series and recommended by me if you want the whole set.

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