Daddy’s Little Sweetheart by Lila Fox

Daddy’s Little Sweetheart by Lila Fox
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Kyla has been on her own pretty much her whole life. When a handsome and intriguing man takes an interest in her, she gets her hopes up. But she’s mistaken when he looks right through her, acting as though he detests the sight of her. Since no one seems to care if she’s around, she decides it’s time to find her own life. Why not? Nothing’s holding her back.

Duncan’s first glance at the beautiful petite woman is enough to get his heart racing and his desire to soar—until he overhears her with her friends. He’s done with women who are out for money, and he doesn’t need another gold digger, no matter how sweet she is.

When he realizes his error, it’s too late. She’s already left and isn’t planning on coming back. Is it too late for them to find happiness together, or will he forever regret his mistake?

Kyla is immediately attracted to Duncan when they are introduced by mutual friends. For years now she’s wanted a daddy – someone she could love but who would also take care of her. Duncan had also been attracted to Kyla from the moment he set eyes on her, but overhearing her talking to the other girls Duncan jumped to the conclusion Kyla was only interested in a wealthy daddy had him backing out without even speaking to her. By the time Duncan realizes his mistake it’s too late and Kyla had already been hurt and moved on. Can they reconnect and make things work?

This is a sweet and short read. I was annoyed by the fact Duncan only eavesdropped on a few sentences and somehow managed not to overhear more of the conversation. Kyla explained her comments that so outraged Duncan in her following sentence, which made it rather implausible to me that Duncan couldn’t have heard that she continues speaking and didn’t bother to listen. Since this miscommunication was the crux of the conflict aspect to the story, I realize it was a plot device the author needed to set up the story – but it was probably my least favourite aspect to the story as a whole and had I not been committed to performing a review, I might possibly have stopped reading right there and then.

I was really pleased that quite a bit of the story is Duncan earning Kyla’s trust and patching up the hurt he caused her in the beginning. I would have found it completely unrealistic had they jumped immediately into bed or been intimate as soon as Duncan found her. Watching them interact together and learn about each other and share their thoughts helped me feel more comfortable with their blossoming relationship and made the entire romance seem a lot more realistic and believable.

While Kyla and Duncan are into the kink of Daddies and littles, I thought that this story wasn’t as heavily into it as some of the others I’ve read in this series. I found the lighter touch enjoyable as it left room for other relationship issues – like the miscommunication and trust issues – to be shown more rather than just the fleshing out of another Daddy/little dynamic. Readers who want a story heavily invested into this plotline might not find this story one of their favourites, but there are another steamy and interesting elements I feel most erotic readers should find this a good read.

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