Cupid Returns to the Lonesome Buzzard Ranch by Hebby Roman

Cupid Returns to the Lonesome Buzzard Ranch by Hebby Roman
The Lonesome Buzzard Ranch Series Book 2
Publisher: Estrella Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Mistflower

Will a long-awaited wedding at the Lonesome Buzzard Ranch spark another round of unlikely romances?

Les Springer, the owner of the Lonesome Buzzard Ranch, is a little rusty on relationships. When his new girlfriend, Lilly Mayfield, feels neglected and wonders if he’s seeing someone else, she decides two can play at that game.
Eva González, Les’ widowed housekeeper, and Jiggs Davis, Les’ bachelor foreman, can’t wait to be married until Eva’s unconventional daughter shows up and has Jiggs bolting for the door.

Cheyenne MacPherson thinks she’s in love with Jayce Fulton, but her observations of wedded bliss leave a lot to be desired. Jayce wants a forever-after-kind of love, but can he convince Cheyenne to let him put a ring on her finger?
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Laney Springer, Les’ oldest daughter, hasn’t had a serious relationship since her fiancé dumped her in college. When she runs into her childhood friend, Edward Coleridge, he makes her feel desirable again. Edward has known Laney since they were children. But he’s six years younger and worries she only thinks of him as her kid brother.

María González, Eva’s daughter, has failed at everything she’s tried. At the ranch, she’s swept off her feet by the multi-millionaire, sophisticate Nigel Lafitte. But María worries she’s not good enough for him. What does Nigel have to do to convince her to take him seriously?

Chris Henderson, Laney’s roommate, swears off cowboys when she learns her current boyfriend is two-timing her. At the Springer ranch, she meets New Mexico’s most eligible cowboy millionaire, Connor McCullar. Connor’s trust has been shattered in the past, and he prefers to play the field. Will Chris be the woman to break down his defenses?

Brenda Thompson, Cheyenne’s best friend, is divorced and a single-mother, and after years of disappointing dates she’s almost given up on men. Chuck Hornbill is shy and awkward with women, and while Brenda fascinates him, she also scares the pants off him. How can he convince her to give him a chance?

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness. Every time I say that I think of the movie, Annie. It’s totally irrelevant but that is how I feel after finishing Cupid Returns to the Lonesome Buzzard Ranch. I read the first book in the series and was anticipating this release. A significant amount of time has passed since I finished the first book but I was pleased that it all came back to me once I started reading book two. I can see how this could be read as a standalone but I just can’t suggest that with good conscience. The overall experience is more fulfilling if they are read in consecutive order. In fact, when the series is complete, I think I’ll go back and binge read all of them again.

I didn’t hesitate this time reading a book with multiple romances going on since I didn’t have an issue with the first book in the series. I dove in with confidence that I’d be treated with an entertaining read. I suggest the reader to check out the synopsis and decide if they think it sounds too busy for them or not. I typically would have a hard time with this type of romance book but Hebby Roman is one of my trusted authors. I know her writing style will smoothly guide me through the transitions.

Once again, I can’t pick which was my favorite couple. However, I’d lean towards Christine and Connor. They made me laugh the most. Each couple is unique and lovable. I got an extra chuckle because I actually read this book on Valentine’s Day. I can’t think of a better holiday to read a romance book. There was an abundance of love in the air today. If you’re looking for a fun read with elements of comedy then pick up this witty romance book.


  1. Mistflower,
    Thank you so much for the awesome review! I’m very happy you enjoyed “Cupid Returns,” and all the characters came back to you!
    I love your review and am honored you loved the sequel, too! And I so appreciate being one of your trusted authors!!!
    You made my day!
    Hebby Roman

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