Crossing the Line by Joy Slaughter

Crossing the Line by Joy Slaughter
Publisher: Flashover Press
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary
Length: Full length (366 pages)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Dryas

Sergeant Nathan Thompson lost his leg in Afghanistan. Megan hides a secret. When they are assigned as a paramedic team, tensions flare—Nathan thinks Megan is a condescending know it all, and Megan resents a partner who might not be able to offer 100%. As they respond to calls their mutual respect grows. Then Nathan notices bruises on Megan’s arms, and her excuses don’t add up. The next life Nathan must save may be that of his own partner—if only she’ll let him.

Megan Henderson, an EMS worker in Station 1 of Barrington County, for Sacred Heart Hospital is given a new partner as her normal one was placed on maternity leave. Her new partner, Nathan Thompson is a war veteran who lost a leg in the Afghanistan war and was fitted with a prosthetic. Megan doesn’t trust him to be able to do the hard work that is required of an EMS worker.
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We get to know them and they get to know each other from the emergency calls the author has them respond to. Megan learns that Nathan’s disability affects nothing on the job and he can do everything she can.  When Nathan becomes suspicious about her marriage and finds out that her husband was beating and had raped her, his rage was impressive and he threatened to report him. She begged him not to because he was also a police officer in the same district as her and she felt ashamed for what was happening.

Her strength is incredible as we watch her respond to various emergencies with calm and capability. The reader gets to see firsthand what it is like to be an EMS worker, nothing was held back even when it was obvious that nothing could be done for the patient. I also enjoyed Nathan’s personality, not letting his disability get the best of him. The author shows through each day what it is like to have lost a limb, the phantom pain, the pity or disgust others show him, and the fact that he needs to get the prosthetic adapted at times.

They both have a wonderful support system which shows how the rescue community is a family. This makes Megan’s secret even more incredible. Nathan started to get suspicious when she wore a turtleneck on a hot day and had to take it off because it got dirty. He didn’t want to confront her yet as their relationship was still new.

What made him lose his temper and threaten to file a report against her husband Todd was when he found out her ribs were broken and she’s been raped. It was sweet watching him take care of her without making it obvious as she feels a great deal of shame for letting Todd do this to her. Their romantic relationship started slowly with each one’s respect growing. They also noticed the beauty of each other and she felt safe with Nathan like nobody else. He was understanding about the Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome from her husband’s rape.

I highly recommend this novel as it shows how strength of character and physical makes a show to us all. We also get an inside view of how strong the relationship is between all rescue workers. It also reminds us about how battered women can be anyone and the need for support and understanding is highly required.

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