Cravings by Scarlett Se Leva

Cravings by Scarlett Se Leva
Publisher: Bookends Publishing LLC
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Nymphaea

She was my best friend.
Until the friendship was ruined.
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She is all I crave.

She’s the one he can’t forget.

This is certainly a short story. It’s a prequel, which is good, and there to tempt the reader to buy the longer story this summer. The story delivers a lot of steam, even if it’s in a small package. It’s a fast read and when the steam hits, it’s hard.

That said, this felt like a prequel and felt rushed. It felt like there should be more to it. Granted, there is a longer story coming, but this one just…it’s quick. There is a bit of detail and I started to sort of get the idea of the characters, but it still came across as a scene, a tiny bit and I wasn’t entirely sure where it would be going. There is a teaser for the next story, which is good, but the emphasis at the beginning on Ryan and Simone being kids made the story come across as a YA at first and this isn’t YA. Still, the hot scene is hawt and it’s a good precursor to the larger one coming.

If you want something quick and hot, then this might be the story for you. It’s a good introduction to the author’s writing style and has a hot scene that will certainly scorch the screen.

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