Cormican’s Lady by Raven McAllan

Cormican’s Lady by Raven McAllan
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 Stars
Reviewed by Fern

What do you do when you overhear someone saying they are going to blackmail your estranged husband so he divorces you and marries them?

Laney Cormican knew—warn him.

Movie star, Alex Cormican sees a great opportunity. He’s never stopped loving Laney, even though he was as much at fault as she was over their separation. He begs her to help him thwart the blackmailer-to-be … and see if they can make a go of their marriage again.
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With his co-star insisting she’s the one for Alex and the blackmailer insisting she has information to ruin him, Laney has her work cut out for her—thwart the women and admit to her emotions.

Will she, or will she let the chance pass her by and be alone once more?

Laney might have been separated from Alex Cormican but when she overheard and plotting of a woman determined to blackmail Alex into marrying her Laney can’t sit back and do nothing. Can Laney and Alex sort something out between them?

This is a fun and quick read. I enjoyed the banter between Laney and Alex and could see why they had struggled to make their marriage work the first time around. With fast-paced writing and a dash of humour this should be a story that finds a wide range of readers who enjoy it. Told in the first person perspective by Laney I did wish a few times that I could fully understand where Alex was coming from and what he was really thinking and feeling. Although I could tell things would resolve in a happy and positive manner it was a bit tricky to really see or feel that in a few places and I strongly suspect that knowing what Alex was feeling could have made this easier on me as a reader.

I was really impressed with the plot of how Laney and Alex worked together to solve their mutual problem with the potential blackmailer. I felt while still realistic and interesting the author had an awesome “outside-the-box” solution and it really kept my interest throughout the short story. I also enjoyed seeing a little of Alex’s actor lifestyle and felt this really added dimension to the story and kept it from being just a “estranged married couple work on their relationship” style of story. This quick read had depth and some lovely surprises that kept me eagerly turning the pages.

A strongly plotted and well-written story this was a great quick read and an author I’ll happily check out again.

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