Cookie Collision by Darlene Deluca

Cookie Collision by Darlene Deluca
Christmas Cookies
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Holiday
Rating: 3 Stars
Review by: Astilbe

Before she can let up and enjoy some holiday cheer, real estate agent Alana Drake has work to do. With Christmas moving in fast, she has clients to meet with, houses to show, and cookies to bake. Every open house deserves her special touch—homemade and hand-decorated sugar cookies for a warm welcome. And she needs several dozen for upcoming holiday events and open houses.

But a poorly timed stop at the grocery store could upend more than her bag of groceries.

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When all she wanted was to bake some cookies…

Even the unluckiest accident can have a silver lining.

Some of the most interesting scenes in my opinion were the ones that showed how Alana juggled everything that was going on in her life. She had a rewarding career, a fun hobby, and a loving circle of friends and relatives to keep up with. I always enjoy reading about characters in romance novels who have already built happy and well-rounded lives for themselves long before they meet someone special. Alana definitely fits the bill here!

I would have liked to see more attention paid to a subplot involving conflict between Alana and another realtor. There was so much time spent building tension between them early on in the storyline that I was caught off-guard by how quickly the author tied everything up later on. The resolution made that early foreshadowing feel overdone to me. It would have been helpful if their mutual grudge had either not been given so much attention in the beginning or if they’d had more opportunities to address the problem later on.

The chemistry between Alana and Justin was perfect. I loved their lighthearted banter and how it revealed the many similarities they shared. They were both kind and loving people who often expressed their feelings for the people they cared about through the food they made for them. Many of their hobbies were compatible with each other as well which can also be a good sign when looking for a long term partner. The more I learned about both of them, the stronger I hoped they’d live happily ever after together.

Cookie Collision was a sweet and heartwarming read.

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