Combustible by Willa Okati

Combustible by Willa Okati
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Paranormal, LGBTQ
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Long, lean, wild and unconventional for an Omega, Zane rocks and rolls Alpha Grant’s world. Zane can’t be predicted. He can’t be contained. And Grant freaking loves it.

But it’s not all beer and BJs, even for these two. Grant’s never wanted to have kids of his own. His family is Legacy Tattoo, the business he finally reclaimed after his grandfather’s death. He’s dedicating his life to making it not just flourish but thrive. And he doesn’t know — yet — about Zane’s status as a single father to a rambunctious pre-K rebel.

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Zane and Grant are unconventional and smoking hot together – only Grant has made no secret of the fact that he’s not intersected in children, and Zane is a single father to a young child. Despite the complications and explosive chemistry can these two guys make things work?

I really enjoyed this fun short story. Zane and Grant are both smoking hot werewolves and I found the chemistry between them both realistic and smoking hot. I enjoyed the fact they both had solid and completely believable reasons for acting the way they did. Grant was determined to set up his shop – the one he’d only just bought back from when his grandfather had lost it – and focus on his legacy and business and not his rabid libido. Zane needed work, and money, and was all for a sexily steamy good time when the offer was there. The two men circled each other and both had plenty of reason not to get more than superficially involved with each other. But life – and complications – always tends to get in the way.

I found the small cast of secondary characters both amusing and really well drawn. I feel the small town setting really worked well and offered a host of other equally enjoyable stories. This is an author I’ve read before – and enjoyed just as much as I did this go around. Indeed, it’s rapidly getting to the stage where I’ll likely give anything by this author a try because I’m almost guaranteed a humorous and enjoyable, quick read with characters I can get addicted to and a good, solid place with the plotting and romance.

I enjoyed the push-pull between Zane and Grant and felt their relationship grew along logical and believable lines. I particularly loved the chemistry between the two men and felt that the author did an amazing job letting both men be themselves while also slowly knitting them together to form the family they will become. I was thrilled when the eventual about-face that Grant needed to realise and I thought the author made it feel natural and relatable – and not a dramatic storm-in-a-teacup or blown out into an unnecessarily dramatic climax.

Fun and sexy, with two awesome heroes and a few solid secondary characters this is a great, quick read.

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