Chasing Charli by Anne Kane

Chasing Charli by Anne Kane
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (79 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Designated bait slut. Hardly the job Charli dreamed of growing up, but as a single parent with a toddler to protect her choices are limited. She cruises the local bars looking for unsuspecting victims to lure into the pack’s clutches. The future looks bleak until she runs into her childhood sweetheart in a downtown pub.
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Wyatt is in town for his semi-annual meeting with his pack’s financial advisor. This trip, though, he finds more than a good return on investment. The moment he lays eyes on Charli he realizes she is his mate, the one female who can complete his life. He’s determined to convince her to bond with him. From a tooth and claw fight with her Alpha, to reading bedtime stories to her daughter, he’ll do whatever it takes to get her to say “Yes.”

Charli had agreed to join with a pack when their Alpha had promised her that they’d support her studies and let her finish her course. Instead, she now finds herself at the mercy of the unstable and abusive pack Alpha, forced to be used as bait so other members of the pack can rob unsuspecting humans and Charli hasn’t been even close to campus in the whole time. She’s had enough, but can’t find a way out of her predicament. Until she meets Wyatt, an enormous werewolf who she knew as a teenager. Can this be the solution to her problems?

I found this to be a sexy and fast-paced short story. The chemistry between Charli and Wyatt was smoking hot and the fact they’d known each other as kids helped sell to me the near inta-lust that blossomed between them both. The quickness of the rekindling of their attraction and the start of their relationship as adults helped make the story feel like it had a good, fast pace. There were a few interesting surprises that I thought also helped the story move along.

There are a bunch of interesting secondary characters, mainly the other members of Wyatt’s pack. The easy camaraderie between them all helped sell the feel of a small, tightly-knit together group of people. While a part of me understood Charli’s reluctance to solidify a mate-bond with Wyatt, I found it a little unrealistic. Wyatt and Charli were clearly attracted to each other, and even with the complications of Charli’s life and past to muddy the waters I never really felt sold on her reasons to deny the bond between her and Wyatt. This wasn’t enough to sour my enjoyment of the story, but I found myself skimming some of Charli’s fears and denials because it just seemed a little over the top to me, personally.

With a good and interesting plot, a bunch of interesting secondary characters and plenty of chemistry and spark sizzling between Charli and Wyatt this story had a lot of good stuff going for it. I’d definitely be interested in reading more books from this series.


  1. Anne Kane says

    Thank you so much for taking the time to review my book!

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