Cat Dog by Mem Fox and Mark Teague (illustrator)

Cat Dog by Mem Fox and Mark Teague (illustrator)
Publisher: Beach Lane Books
Genre: Contemporary, Childrens
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Nymphaea

Once there was a huge, scary dog. Right?
Wrong! But there was a cat.

In this zippy, call-and-response-style adventure, a cat and dog are astonished to find a mouse in their house! The three circle each other while the story sometimes correctly describes their antics—and sometimes doesn’t. Young readers will love participating by pointing out which parts are right and wrong.

Cute book with fun responses.

This book struck me right away as a good call and response book. The cadence is just right for it. It’s also a good conversation starter book. The cat and dog are both interpreting what happened at one particular moment and it’s up to the reader to decide who was right. The art also helps to get the reader to interpret what might be happening. It’s cute.

I liked the illustrations because they are spot on. The dog might be sleeping, but might be barking. The cat might be ignoring the mouse, or pouncing. It’s normal.

It’s a simplistic book, but it seemed meant to get conversation going between children and caregivers. What might happen next? How do you know what might happen next? Who was right in what they saw? Why? They’re great questions to get kids to think a little deeper about the story.

If you want something to start a conversation and something that’s fun and cute, then give this one a try.

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