Bound by Fear by Jayce Carter

Bound by Fear by Jayce Carter
Publisher: Totally Bound
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Moonflower

One night of submission to prove she doesn’t crave it, and three sexy Dominants eager to call her bluff.

Sunny has come a long way in the years since escaping the abusive Dom who made her life hell. Still, when Sunny can’t shake a frighteningly strong need inside her, she decides one night at a local BDSM club, Sanctuary, will prove she doesn’t want that in her life anymore.

Instead, she meets three masked men there who give her pleasure she couldn’t have imagined and twist everything she thought she knew about BDSM. Rather than the proof she thought she’d get, that the lifestyle wasn’t for her, Sunny is further drawn to what had nearly destroyed her before.

When fears that her ex-Dom could be after her again occur, Sunny and the men are forced to confront the dangers of her past and the scars it left behind. Can Sunny risk everything for the men she’s fallen for, or will she let her fears rob them all of a future?

What do you do when your big idea of realizing you don’t like something backfires, and you realise it’s exactly what you need?

Sunny has come a long way in five years, but not enough to completely be free of her past. So, she decides to confront it head-on. Only she finds three people who treat her in a way she’s never experienced. Although she is unnerved, she finds she likes it.

I thought this was really well-written, with plenty of steamy scenes. Each of the male characters is well-defined and stands alone. They don’t all mingle together in your mind until you can’t remember which one is which. As for Sunny, she is a beguiling mix of strong and confident, and quiet and unsure. I loved how she came out of her shell and the guys were there for her whenever she would accept their attentions and/or help.

Spike though! Ah, man. He was gorgeous! (And yes, he deserves a paragraph of his own!)

The story moved at a steady pace, giving it time to develop without being rushed. I can’t say the confrontation was a surprise, but it needed to happen the way it did, and I was absolutely satisfied with the consequences.

Another winner by this author that is definitely recommended by me.

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