Best Book of the Year 2019 Poll

These books all won our Book of the Month in 2019.
Now they’re vying for the 2019 Book of the Year!

Poll runs from February 22 – 29, 2020.

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  1. Rhonda Stallings says

    Beth Trissel’s books are great adventures.

  2. Linda Derrer says

    Beth is a great writer. I like her books.

  3. Teressa Floyd says

    Love love love all of Diane Duval’s books. Death of darkness gets my vote

  4. Patrick connors says

    Great book!

  5. Love Collette’s works! She is a talented and spellbinding storyteller.

  6. Tonya S Lee says

    Love all of Collette Cameron books she gets my vote! ” A Rose For A Rogue ” by Collette Cameron

  7. Linda Townsend says

    LOVED Dianne Duvall’s Death of Darkness!

  8. Great book! McCormick has created endearing characters made even better in the audiobook. Well done!

  9. Pati OConnell says

    Colleen’s books are a great gift to an avid reader for pleasurable reading. Thanks Colleen for great reads.

  10. Jennifer Shoemaker-McKinney says

    Desiree Holt writes some awesome books. You can’t put them down. Good luck to all

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