Bears Behaving Badly by MaryJanice Davidson

Bears Behaving Badly by MaryJanice Davidson
BeWere My Heart Book 1
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Genre: Paranormal, Romance, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

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My primary focus has always been taking care of were-babies in the interspecies foster care system. I am unapologetically a fierce mama bear shifter and I am completely united with my team behind protecting at-risk were-children. So I have no idea why the appealing scruffy bear shifter PI David Auberon keeps hanging around, asking for sweets, and being charming and flirty. I’ve certainly got no time for shy solitary bears who can’t ask for what they want.

But what am I to do when a hideous bad guy shows up and I need to rescue a were-baby, except call on the skills of the handsome and growly PI? And if dodging enemies puts us in a tight spot…well, I’m not against tight spots.

It’s been years since I’ve read a book by Ms. Davidson and I’m glad I dipped my toes back into her writing style because Bears Behaving Badly was an entertaining mix of humor, mystery, werebear action and love shenanigans in closets and hospital beds. There were interesting secondary characters and a plot that was heavy, serious and yet, by virtue of the author’s writing style I remembered so well, never overwhelmed the book in darkness. It could have but I’m glad the author writes the way she does because I enjoyed the story from beginning to end. The good guys persevered, eventually, and the bad guys – well, the bad guys met the heroine, and wow, did she make an impression.

Annette is a woman who believes in saving kids. She gives her whole heart into her job and really cares for the kids she’s in charge of. She’s a defender, advocate and a wonderful character to get to know. She has a few quirks that lend humor and cuteness. Her partner against crime turns out to be a guy who should buy stocks in a maple syrup company. I like the sweet stuff but the hero beats anyone I know in that arena. Plus, the color red in any confectionary goodness makes an interesting entry into the relationship between Annette and David. I thought it clever, adorable and unique.

There was action because the bad guys were trying to stop Annette, David and their helpers from finding out what was actually going on and who was involved. The fight scenes were brief but well written and effective. There were bruises, contusions, torn clothing, near misses and fisticuffs. There were also wonderful acts of heroism, caring, friendship, family bonds and a stumbly, bumbly, relationship turning into love. The happily ever after was cute, satisfying and well done. I liked meeting Annette and David and I truly look forward to finding which secondary character in Annette’s ‘family’ will take center stage. I recommend Bears Behaving Badly for readers who enjoy madcap, criminal capers with an HEA to tie it up with a delightful happy bow.

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