Arkham by Marteeka Karland

Arkham by Marteeka Karland
Bones MC 5
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Rain — The gangs of the underground can be brutal. I know this well and have the scars to prove it. So when a team of rough-looking men start nosing around the slums of Rockwell, I make it my business to know what they’re up to. One in particular catches my eye. He’s rough and scary looking, but his touch is gentle when it needs to be. He’s older and more experienced in every way than me, but I’m still drawn to him. I’m not sure why, but I want him. And when I let him take me, I’ll savor the experience until it’s time to go.

Arkham — The little pixie warrior is a conundrum if ever there was one. She’s strong and capable but scarred inside and out. I can’t fix what’s broken inside her, but I can share her burdens and make her part of my circle. I’ll take her with me, with Bones MC. She’ll be protected there.
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But who’s gonna protect her from me?

For a short story, Ms. Karland packed in a novel’s worth of romance into a tiny package. There’s an unconventional heroine, a hero who’s seen too much of the dark side of life and a little boy needing to be saved. There’s trust to earn, love to grow and lessons to learn about the difference between sex and making love with a person you want forever. Arkham the story has it all. Arkham the hero can’t believe he’s found the one for him.

The story actually opens with suspense and a bit of action. What I appreciated was that even though the action in the story could have easily dipped into more violence, the author reined it in so the focus remained on Arkham meeting the heroine, Rain. And to give Rain her due, she sure knows how to kick for maximum impact. She’s feisty and I really liked that.

I appreciated Arkham’s reaction when he sees evidence of Rain’s past. For me, that was a powerful moment. Another part I enjoyed reading was the scene where the hero helps her through a flashback. Another powerful moment in the story. Like I said, the author packed in some read-worthy moments which made this short story stand out.

Of course, when it comes to Rain learning the difference between sex and the expression of love with someone you trust, the eroticism was well placed, paced and written. For readers who find those scenes the highlight of an erotic romance, they should be well pleased.

Even though this story is part of a series, it’s fully a standalone read with a happy ever after between two characters that deserved to be happy. Arkham is a wonderful romance nugget that shouldn’t be missed.

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