Alpha And Bear by Julia Talbot

Alpha And Bear by Julia Talbot
Publisher: Turtlehat Creatives
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Paranormal, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Wolf shifter PI Mick Hartness is sick to death of being on the bad side of a criminal who wants him and his while team dead. Now, with the help of the cops and the feds, Apex Investigations Inc. is closer than ever to reeling the guy in and getting back to living life without hiding. But that means Mick needs all of his mixed pack on deck and ready to fight, including their youngest member, bear shifter Kit, who Mick has the softest spot for.

Kit is sure his skills can help not only catch their nemesis, but help take some of the stress of running the agency off Mick. Too bad Mick will never see him as anything as a kid who needs to be protected. Which is why Kit decides to strike out on his own and get a job that allows him to do more than take pictures of cheating husbands and keep the motor pool running.

The thought of losing Kit finally makes Mick ready to show Kit how he really feels; that kit his mate. Can he keep Kit with him and also catch a killer who’s becoming more and more dangerous everyday? Or will Mick lose everything he holds dear?

Mick is tired of his family and team being hunted by their nemesis. They’ve had a few close calls in recent months and Mick is determined to remove this threat so their family can finally relax and enjoy life again. Kit is certain his Bear skills can help capture the lunatic determined to destroy them, but his efforts keep being frustrated by their team – Mick in particular – still thinking of him as the slightly lost and very young man he was many years ago when Kit joined in with them. Kit is determined, and so he strikes out on his own, certain he can bring this mess to and end and have Mick finally see him for the strong, capable and fully grown man that he is.

I’ve really enjoyed the three previous stories in this series and while I believe this might be the last one it wraps everything up so beautifully I’d be happy to leave the Apex group here if needed. Equally, I’d be more than happy to read further adventures should they happen to come down the line. I really enjoyed how this book and series was equal parts fun and just a little silly, I found this to be is a great paranormal romance with a cast of vibrant and interesting characters, a good and solid plot and just a dash of fun and silliness. It’s a great, happy read and one I know I’ll enjoy again.

Mick and Kit have been circling each other throughout the series. I was fairly sure they’d end up together and happily though it was worth every moment waiting and reading through this to see the two men get themselves together and organized. Readers looking for a steamy and sexy story should find this really satisfies that aspect to what they’re looking for. In equal parts though there is a strong mystery and I found the plot interesting and not just half baked.

I thought this was a well rounded book with good pacing, great characters and a strong plot. I enjoyed it immensely and will be sad if this is the end of this series, but the four sharp and quick books will make for great re-reading down the track. Highly recommended – both this and the others in the series – and an excellent author I’ll be sure to check out again.

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