Addicted To Her Curves by Sam Crescent

Addicted To Her Curves by Sam Crescent
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Beau and Scott want Connie, the sexy little bar owner with the best kind of curves. There’s only one problem. They’re best friends and Connie isn’t going to come between them.

The perfect solution? Share her. They want Connie forever and are willing to do whatever it takes to make her theirs, even if it means doing something unscrupulous like getting her pregnant.

Connie doesn’t trust easily and she’s not willing to give everything up for the whims of two men. If they’re going to do this, it has to be in private. But rumors spread and in a small town, gossip runs rife.

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Scott and Beau have both been hungering after Connie for ages, but the two men were friends and Connie flatly refused to pick and choose between the two of them. When Scott and Beau acknowledge the fact that neither wants just a fling or a quick, hard ride with Connie – but something more permanent and lasting, they decide the only way to have her is to share. Can the three of them find a suitable arrangement?

I found this to be a smoking hot threesome story. While Scott and Beau are friends and not sexually interested in each other I enjoyed their friendship and the easy way they had with each other – it helped me feel them sharing Connie together was more believable. I did enjoy how the two men clearly lusted after Connie and wanted her as part of their lives. The attraction and chemistry between the three main characters was hot and enjoyable.

This story really centered on the growing and logistics of the threesome relationship. I enjoyed the fact that Scott and Beau didn’t “take turns” but really actually shared Connie together and tried to build an equal and balanced relationship between all three of them. Considering the seemingly small town they lived in and – more important – the friendship already cemented between Scott and Beau I felt that forming a ménage was more logical and realistic than their initial approach of splitting up days in their wooing phase.

I wasn’t sure in the beginning if I enjoyed the fact Beau and Scott kept their relationship together platonic. On the one hand this was something refreshingly different – most threesome stories I’ve read recently all three parties are sexually intimate – but I also wondered how the two men would fare longer term by sharing the one woman and her affections. The author really made this situation work and I found myself relaxing and enjoying the story more and more as it progressed.

While I found the conflict aspect of the plot a little clichéd – the town gossip and the petty small-mindedness of some people – overall I really thought the whole story was solid and relatable. To my mind this book really is centered around the threesome relationship and how it can work, how each individual needs to learn to trust, to open themselves and it was just lovely to read about Connie, Beau and Scott finding the ways they could all slot their lives together and build a relationship that could last.

Equal parts sweet and smoking hot this was a good story and one I enjoyed.

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