A Steamy Christmas For The CEO by Shannon Slique

A Steamy Christmas For The CEO by Shannon Slique
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday
Length: Short Story (48 pages)
Other: M/F, Toys
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

What does a woman do when her life is focused on building her business to save the legacy left by her grandparents—and then her sister gifts her a box of sex toys for Christmas? She grabs the nearest human being to help her test them out, of course. And if that’s Ewen, bonus!

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Ewen Bridger fell in lust with Kelly when his brother brought her home. Now his brother is dead and Kelly should be out of bounds, but when she needs rescuing, he jumps right in. The bedroom benefits are amazing, but can he move beyond his brother’s memory to find a future with the sexy siren?

Ewen had strong feelings for Kelly but their relationship was beyond complicated. Their two companies shared a lot of business together and Kelly had practically been engaged to Ewen’s brother until the car accident that killed him. Neither Kelly nor Ewen had managed to reach a place where they felt they could even discuss – let alone act on – their feelings. A naughty Christmas gift from Kelly’s sister though has Kelly and Ewen’s seemingly ordered lives turned on its head.

I really enjoyed this steamy and quick Christmassy read. I was pleased that the author spent enough time at the start to really lay out both Ewen and Kelly’s characters, and also show me what their business and personal relationship was like before having them reach the crux point and change over from friends and business contemporaries and flip over into something far more intimate.

Readers who enjoy a healthy amount of plot in their stories should find that this short story really delivers on that aspect. Kelly’s family and Ewen’s grief over the loss of his brother are all tangled up into an interesting and complicated knot that slowly gets unraveled as the story progresses. While a part of me would have enjoyed if the plot had unfolded a little more slowly – I had to re-read a few sections to make certain I’d picked up some of the intricacies and was following along properly – I feel the author did a really good job making the moving parts all join together and work coherently.

Sexy and fun with some good chemistry between Kelly and Ewen, I found this to be a strong and enjoyable story.

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