A Cordial Agreement by Ryan Loveless

A Cordial Agreement by Ryan Loveless
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (118 pages)
Other: BDSM, M/M, Spanking, Whipping
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Can a wealthy but frustrated CEO and a guilt-ridden stripper find what they need in a consensual, nonsexual whipping boy arrangement?

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Jim wasn’t really into BDSM, but his need to feel his mistakes cleansed away by physical pain was overwhelming everything else in his life. What he needed had nothing to do with sex – he didn’t want touching or intimate contact at all – and Jim discovered that therein lay a serious problem, as any Dom who might give him what he craves would also want to supply aftercare and Jim wouldn’t – couldn’t – accept that. Grant was an incredibly wealthy and powerful CEO of his extensive family business. He was always in control and perfectly calm. But all that internalizing was causing his health to suffer and the only way Grant knew to release the pressure was to give pain, to dabble as a Dom. When Grant is introduced to Jim and it’s suggested Jim could be his whipping boy, both men feel this could be the perfect answer to their individual problems.

I found this to be an interesting and somewhat different style of story. I was pleased the author spent a fair bit of time at the start clearly explaining both who Jim and Grant were and why their needs were exactly how they were. I found that each man has non-cookie-cutter requirements and while they can certainly be simplified I felt a lot better and more confidant of the story-line having them clearly and fully explained up front right at the start of the story. It also helped ease me – I had been a little concerned the whole “whipping boy” thing might have a darker slant or be slightly unhealthy. I was impressed and very relieved when this concern was proved completely wrong. Having both their characters, their needs and seeing the two men interact for the first time and show they were compatible and could give the other what they needed really helped me feel good and positive about the story as a whole and had me eager to continue going. I strongly feel this was exceptional writing, plotting, pacing and characterization on the part of the author.

Personally, I wasn’t bothered in the least that neither Jim nor Grant wanted anything sexual from their BDSM/beating encounters. I felt confidant and reassured that the unusual business arrangement between the two men was healthy and despite this being an erotic romance story it didn’t unsettle me that – initially at least – neither man wanted or needed anything sexual. Chemistry and relationships come in many different flavours and for myself I was intrigued to see how this different relationship would develop and pan out. I could certainly understand though that this might not be every reader’s cup of tea. For almost the entire story, Jim and Grant don’t show chemistry in the usual sense – no sexual tension, no glances or steaminess, no flirting etc – and even more importantly there is no sexual intimacy (and even then it’s unconventional) between them until the very end of the story. Readers looking for an erotic BDSM with aftercare and kink and sexual chemistry won’t find that in the traditional sense at all in this story.

Readers looking for something completely different should be as delighted as I was though. While I feel the characters are completely understandable and relatable – a wealthy CEO with family drama and an asexual stripper weighed down with guilt and wanting to atone for his sins – there is so much that I felt was completely fresh and outside of the box here. Once my concerns about the whipping boy aspect of this plot was relieved I found myself really enjoying this story and the different take on what a BDSM relationship could possibly be. I felt this story was still strongly about the relationship and characters and the only “box” it can really fit into is erotic romance, due to the strong BDSM elements, but there was so much more to it than that. I really enjoyed this and will be eagerly re-reading it soon to enjoy these differences once again

I feel this story is well written with relatable characters who know what their needs are and watching as they finally find someone who can give them what they crave is lovely. Refreshingly different this is a great story that I truly enjoyed.

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