Friday Spotlight: Sharie Silva

You don’t have to be a creative personality to have a muse.

Writers and artists often speak of their inspiration coming in the form of a muse. We constantly strive to stroke our muses and make them happy so they’ll give us our ideas. We read books like The Artist’s Way and The Right to Write by Julia Cameron to encourage our muse.

I’ve attended workshops where we explored what our muse looked like so we could use that image positively. I discovered mine is a peacock, which made sense because I have vases of peacock feathers and peacocks everywhere. I guess I already knew but just hadn’t acknowledged it. You know what? Having a muse doesn’t make me special.

I believe all people have a muse. It’s whatever motivates you to do the things you love. Whether it’s sewing, gardening, dancing, cooking or just being a mom, your muse is involved. It’s that God-given talent you have. We teach our kids these days that everyone has a special talent and that’s spot on. Very true. Most people don’t see their talents as valuable either. That’s because, as a talent, it comes easy to you and we tend to think easy things have no value since little effort was involved. There IS effort, you’re just so involved in enjoying the process that you don’t realize it. Just like me, you simply need to acknowledge it.

There’s nothing wrong with taking pride in the things we love. It’s part of who we are. I want to leave you this week with an assignment. Go out and use your talent, enjoy doing it. Email me your experience at shariesilva at gmail dot com and I’ll send you a little reward (don’t forget to include your snail mail addy so I can send it to you).

Thursday Spotlight: Sharie Silva

Today I’ve decided to share an excerpt with you from something I’m writing now. The story needs a lot of work before I can submit it to a publisher but it’s still fun. It’s a novel about one woman’s journey into bondage sex and how BDSM helps her learn about herself. Here you go:

“I’m not laughing but smiling because you have me naked and I have yet to see what you are wearing,” he tried to explain.

Her right hand snaked around from behind him and on down to his crotch. She took his balls in her hand and began to roll them as she might a pair of those Chinese stress balls. He moaned again.

“Louder,” she said as she squeezed them just a little tighter and continued rolling them back and forth in her palm and fingers.

She didn’t have to command him to be louder because it happened just as she said the word. The kneading felt so good, he struggled to keep his knees from buckling.

Again she stopped abruptly and withdrew. He saw movement in his peripheral vision and waited for another crop lash. Instead she stepped around to stand in front of him. Left hand rested on her hip and the right grasped the leather handle of the riding crop to rest it against her bare shoulder.

Maria stood before him wearing liquid black. The latex tightly followed the curves of her hips and stomach like a dangerous road. A deep V ran down between her breasts as though the shiny black cloth could not hold in her ample bosoms in but split apart to show the inner swells of them nicely.

Her shapely legs were covered in a fine fishnet of black and held up by a satin garter belt. The dark tufts of her pubic hair beckoned from the center of her crotch. All he had to do was reach out and…

But he knew better than to do that. Not yet anyway. This is part of the game. The wanting and longing for it. Only when he earned it would he be allowed to touch her in the way he wanted. And the way to earn it is to follow her strict orders.

Oh no, he did not mind at all. The surrendering of himself felt nearly as good as the orgasm to come. No more decisions to make, no more work to be taken care of, no one else needing him for this or that. All he had to do here is what she told him to do and allow himself the pleasure of being pleased. Responsibilities be damned.

“Use me, baby,” he whispered and she laughed.

Wednesday Spotlight: Sharie Silva

Today I want to talk with you about something completely not sexy: hysterectomies and cancer. Let’s face it, when you don’t feel well, sexy is the furthest thing from your mind. I have experience with both, though admittedly the cancer was in the form of a mole. With a lot of breast cancer among the women in my family, I’m very aware of the potential for me to become afflicted with breast cancer.

I hate when they say you ‘get’ cancer. It’s not like anyone goes shopping to buy it or picks it out of a garden or gets it as a gift. Seems more accurate to say a person becomes afflicted with it, don’t you think? I want to urge each and every one of you to get those breast exams, paps and mammograms. I recently learned that a new cancerous growth can double in size in less than a year. I’d asked several doctors over the years about removing my mole and was told it was nothing. In that last year, it completely changed. That’s reason enough for me to show up for the tests on my birthday. Don’t risk it.

Now on the hysterectomy. The most common reason for them is cancer. However, it is also a viable solution to many other problems. This is where I fell into. I had completely lost energy. I slept in late, took naps in the afternoon and still went to bed early. And it wasn’t enough. Blood tests revealed nothing out of the ordinary.

I’ve always had ordinarily harsh and long menstrual cycles but they worsened and I began clotting. Over the months, very sharp pains came with the passing of the clots. So I asked my doctor. He told me if they were disrupting my life to consider a hysterectomy (or the other alternatives of partials—there are several options). I figured I could tough it out. After all, that’s a scary thing to consider.

A year later, I had it done. My doctor told me afterwards that he expected me to come back in a month. I waited a year. How stupid I was! I literally spent entire afternoons sitting on the john, in pain, during that time and it was a terrible bloody accident in the middle of a rock concert 200 miles from home, that made me decide I wanted to get it over with.

I’ve never regretted it. I have my energy back. No more messy clothes and spending money on pads and tampons. No more pain. My uterus had been the size of a cantaloupe! That’s mind-boggling.

My sister-in-law had one of the alternative partials done to correct a constant peeing problem she developed. Her uterus had dropped, putting pressure on her bladder. It became a source of constant embarrassment for her in her workplace. She, too, says she’s never been happier.

Ladies, you don’t have to put up with this stuff. See your doctor if something’s not right. They can help you decide what is best for you but please, please don’t ignore the problem. You owe it to yourself, to your family.

Be healthy, happy and sexy!

Tuesday Spotlight: Sharie Silva

Getting the inspiration on

One of the most common question asked any writer is “Where do you get your inspiration?” The answers vary as widely as the personalities of the authors. Often it’s a tough question for a writer to answer because just about anything can spark that muse into action: a news article, a comment made in the doctor’s office, a picture, a memory, something out the bus window or simply wondering ‘what if?’ It’s not all coming from the same place with different stories either.

It’s a question which makes me laugh as an erotica author. Do I propagate people’s fantasies and tell them I lounge on satin sheets thinking of nothing but sex and more sex? Do I lie and say I party every night with the sexiest of men? Or do I tell them the truth…that I sit here in my ratty but comfy warm-ups, cheap snuggy socks from the dollar store and metal band t-shirt, staring at the blank screen for a while. Nope. It’s not wine, chocolate and yummy hunky guys for me. It’s hot coffee, dieting and sitting here alone that’s my reality. Sure I do have a big, hairy man to love on but he works at his job at the same time I’m here working on mine. We lead busy lives which makes time alone a treat we sometimes have to schedule to make happen.

It occurs to me that my boring life maybe where my inspiration for writing erotica actually comes from. It’s just as much of an escapism for me to create the characters and stories as it is for you who read them. If I lived a life like my heroine’s, I’d probably be writing electronics technical manuals. Heck, I never lived a life like that when I WAS young and thinner. That just makes it all the more intriguing and interesting for me to play around with. I can be someone I find alluring and I can dream about all kinds of men and lifestyles to my heart’s desire. It’s safe, and daring and I love having a little naughtiness in my life.

It’s a little scary on my end also. Not only am I getting into what I’m writing, I’m putting my fantasies out there for the world to see and trusting you will feel the same way about them when you read. Normally I wouldn’t talk this stuff among friends, let alone people I’ve never met. It must be some kind of writer exhibitionism. That’s it, I’m an erotica exhibitionist and my readers are my voyeurs. Now that’s a sexy relationship I can get into. Come on by my website and take a peek in my window.

Monday Spotlight: Sharie Silva

Let’s talk Men and Erotica

Why is it that women are ‘supposed’ to like erotica and men are ‘supposed’ to like porn? I know people of both genders who enjoy each. I’ve had lovers who really got off when I asked them to read an erotica to me. Most times we had to break the story into two or three lovemaking sessions because we both were into the story and then each other. Especially when we touch during the hot scenes.

I’m not saying I need reading erotica for a fulfilling love life but it helps set the mood. I think it ‘s due to the emotional impact of erotica and, when you settle in with your lover to read one, you right away are giving one another your gift of time. Reading comes with an unspoken expectation of time spent. That’s one of the reasons people give for not reading—not enough time. Kids always want more time with their parents; lovers more time alone with one another. Emotion and time are powerful elements for intimacy and great sex.

Too often men are not given credit for either their emotional needs or their time and effort. That’s where this silliness about men supposing to like only porn comes from. Sure guys are visual and seeing others naked or in the act of sex is arousing. Many confess to enjoying the attention given to them over a longer period of time.

Just last year, Cosmopolitan Magazine had an article about fifty ways to please your guy “down there”. For his birthday, my fella got one a day for fifty days. Some were as simple as tapping a fingertip lightly on the tip of his ‘willy’. He told me afterwards that he loved doing those whether or not we took it any further. It was all about the anticipation, emotion and time: thinking about it throughout the day, clearing the tv watching schedule to get in bed early, how our hands touching or a smile sent his way no longer went unnoticed, how the innuendos crept into our conversations and a kiss lingered. Oh wait, didn’t I just describe some elements we ladies love in our erotica novels? I do believe I did!