One Can Find the Kraken Anywhere!

Aboard naval vessels of this century…
Or the local pirate festival…

Yup, the beasts are everywhere!
Or maybe…while casting a spell in the Caribbean where one
A sliver of moon rose from the sea as he walked into the surf. The water chilled him slightly, but nothing like the nightmare the night Emily held him. He’d seen her, Glacious. A frost appeared on the glass and her eyes studied him. Studied them. He shook the memory off, praying it had been nothing more than a lingering effect from the nightmare. He walked until the water hit him below his waist and stopped. He held the mirror flat, barely above the water, as Mama Lu told him. A ripple of water reached for it, which was certainly strange. Well, spells should be unusual. He lowered it minutely, and the next ripple kissed the mirror, stirred the powder Mama Lu told him to sprinkle atop the rest.
A ripple flowed away from him, counter to the sea’s course. It disappeared toward the horizon, barely visible in the bare light of a crescent moon. And he waited. Mama Lu said to be patient. “Ya gonna get a sign. Some message or vision ’bout what way ta go. Wait for it!”
He heard her melodic cadence even now, floating above the sea. The quiet of the night, the lack of any breeze, nothing stirred the trees at his back. No birds called. He looked up at the stars; they blazed down at him. He sighed and turned his head back to the horizon.
He fought the instinct to scramble away from the great, bulky head of the albino Kraken, not three feet from him, bobbing above the waterline. He swallowed and mastered his fear, while his heart galloped loud enough for the world to hear. Two tentacles, wider than his waist, drifted to his sides. A fingerling tip brushed the back of his left thigh. He’d never felt so exposed, so vulnerable, small, and insignificant in his entire life.
Gazing into those black eyes, he slowly relaxed. There was no threat there. Simply interest.

The Kraken’s Mirror, from Decadent Publishing


Married to an Erotica Writer

I had an interesting discussion with my husband a few weeks ago. In the car. Always a great place for a captive-audience-talk about things he might be a bit reticent about while at home. Not to mention I find the car a great place for frank chats.
Maybe it’s because we don’t look at each other eye to eye?

Yup, coward here!

Anyway, I digress! We had a discussion about what he finds erotic. Yup, been married 30 years to the man, but still he surprises me. He embarrasses easily, so facing a windshield and not thinking a whole lot can be helpful. I mean, he’s thinking about driving mostly.

I read a lot of erotica and I write a certain amount of it in all my books. Books he doesn’t read. He’s more the visual type. (Big surprise, right? Aren’t most men more visual? Or at least that is the stereotype.) He doesn’t even read my stuff. Makes him a little uncomfortable since he can’t separate his wife from the author.

I wonder if the spouses of other erotica authors feel the same way? I suppose for some it would be enticing, for others the intimidation factor could be a bit much.

“You really want that? Wait, I don’t do that…where did you experience that?”

Honestly, I don’t know why he is worried at all. I write massively fantasy based erotica. Aliens, paranormals, magic…he has nothing to worry about.

Unless there are more secrets he isn’t telling me.

In the two shorts I presently have out with Decadent Publishing, it’s human sex but on alien worlds. The Ship’s Mistress features a human woman trained by aliens to be the ultimate sex worker and her adventure aboard a very fun ship. The Sister’s Story is her sister’s story, searching for her missing sibling and her traveling companions. On an alien ship, heading for an alien world.

Hmmmm. I have a theme here!

I’m presenting working on a book I hope to pitch to my agent soon. Cameron was abducted by…you guessed it! Aliens! She ends up on a world inhabited by other victims of abduction, including other aliens! Weeee! And one has a library and he’s in need of a librarian. I really like The Alien Library and look forward to pitching it.

Should have an interesting discussion with the husband once it comes out…

Maureen lives along the lovely Monterey Bay and finds great inspiration in being so near the Pacific Ocean. She shares her home with Stephen, her high school sweetheart, married for over 30 years; a cat named Isabeau and a dog named Bonnie. She travels miles and miles to attend pirate festivals, renaissance fairs, scifi/fantasy conventions, steampunk cons, writing conferences and the occasional NASCAR race.

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Spring is Busting out All Over!
Living on the Central Coast of California has its advantages. While the rest of the country was still buried in snow and dealing with tornadoes and hail storms, I was watching the flowers bloom. Granted, it’s been a wet spring around here, but the temps are high enough that the flowers are in bloom, the ceanothus is in bloom and our fruit trees are starting to pop!
The spring coastal California rains are nice. And spring for us isn’t generally a dirty thing. No melting snow revealing for the world to see all the stuff left out… But we do get mudslides. Sigh. One of the things I adore about this time of the year is the budding oaks. Most of my oaks are green all year round, but in spring, we get that end of branch hint of lighter green as fresh growth ventures forth.
And the spring rains make it all so very clean and bright.
I have certain flowering shrubs that never stop blooming, my climate can be so temperate. (Drawback of that is the rare frost really kicks ass on those brave budders.) I have camellias several times a year. My jasmine can gift me with a sweet scent at most anytime. Calla lilies seem to always push through the ivy and surprise me with a cream cuplike bloom.
There is always something to focus on when I’m sitting in my local Starbucks, writing. Or perched at my desk at home, near the window that looks out over the yard. Birds are always present, out hummingbird feeders constantly need filling, especially in the winter! (We have them so confused, they don’t migrate! So we better feed them!)
I walk along the paths on the bluffs overlooking Monterey Bay and see the mass of purple ceanothus. I admire the lawn daisies, I laugh at the yellow gift of sour grass flowers and shake my head at the branches breaking on the locust trees… (They bloom so early and so heavily, the spring rains often make the branches so heavy, they break.)
It’s wonderful. It’s inspirational and it’s on the bluff that I find my mind set free to write. Looking out at the water and feeling the breeze lift my hair, even if it still carries just a touch of chill with it…I open my eyes to the worlds I create and wander off to discover new adventure, new romance, new passions!
 Maureen lives along the lovely Monterey Bay and finds great inspiration in being so near the Pacific Ocean. She shares her home with Stephen, her high school sweetheart, married for over 30 years; a cat named Isabeau and a dog named Bonnie. She travels miles and miles to attend pirate festivals, renaissance fairs, scifi/fantasy conventions and writing conferences.
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Jingle Bell Blog Fest: Maureen O. Betita

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 Holidays. I hate them. Well, not all of them. But this one, the big December blow out is very low on my list. It just goes against the grain, all this running about like madmen, hauling ass into the malls, standing in lines, jostling for that gift, or this gift…pulling out the credit card. Sigh.
And the cards. Addressing the cards, getting them in the mail on time ( something I never manage) and then they start arriving and sure enough, Aunt Somebody from WhoKnowsWhere sent a card and lordy, we didn’t send her one!
The music. Makes me homicidal. Nothing like sitting in my favorite Starbucks, trying to write an action themed chase and having the insidious earworm of “Santa Baby” burrowing into the skull. And it’s been playing since just before Thanksgiving! ARGH!
And there are those motion active little toys. You know the ones I mean, the stuffed Santa’s that ‘ho-ho’ when you walk by. The mechanic chipmunks that start singing…again with the singing…as I try to slide past them on my way to pick up my prescription refills.
But they are everywhere in the drug store! At every aisle end…eye level, knee level… 
I often wonder why the clerks in those stores don’t go totally mad during the holiday season and run amuck with an ax. I’m just visiting and the urge to do so is sometimes totally overpowering. Nearly.  (I’d likely be hiding batteries. Every notice how the little kids will deliberately set every single one of these clockwork toys into motion? Kids. Sigh.)
Sigh, again
 I’m more the quiet type. I believe, deep in my bones, that we’ve destroyed the entire natural rhythm of the season. Here it is, the dark of winter, the time when the light fades and the chill seems like it will go on forever, the sun will shine less and less and it will be eternally night… Then the solstice dawns and the sun rises just a bit earlier. There is hope.
Our ancestors, at this time of the year, they hunkered all snug in their caves. Caves full of the bounty they had stocked from earlier in the year and they lit fires, sat around them and told stories. Quiet and calm and knowing that the sun had risen earlier, and so the winter would end, even as it roared outside the cave.
They had common sense. What in the world drove us to make this the time of the year we would constantly be outside of our cave, shouting over the loud speakers, trying to be heard over the carols?

I’m going to find somewhere calm to sit, somewhere to watch the sun rise and know that deep beneath me, the seeds of spring wait.
I’m Maureen O. Betita and every year, the urge to board a cruise ship over the holiday season and spend it with a rum drink in my hand, gazing out at the Caribbean sounds more and more appealing. I love the Caribbean and have written a book set in a Caribbean world. The Kraken’s Mirror will be out soon from Decadent Publishing.
Yes, it features a kraken, but it also brings love, adventure and ipods to a swashbuckling city of Tortuga. With luck, I’ll earn enough to make my holiday Caribbean cruise a reality one of these days… 
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