Short Story Submissions

Authors! Want a great opportunity to have your flash fiction published and get some great exposure for you and your other releases?

We are publishing short stories each Saturday on our site. They can be in any fiction genre (except erotic romance): mainstream fiction, romance, young adult or other kid lit, science fiction, fantasy, mystery, thriller … you get the idea! They need to be a complete story told in 1000 – 1200 words.

What can you expect from us? Upon acceptance for publication we’re offering the following compensation–your choice of one of the following:

· $5 Pay Pal (US only) or Amazon GC
· 3 month cover ad at (a $25 value)

To submit your story for consideration, please go here:
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•Submission of your story does not guarantee acceptance.
•We will notify you whether or not your story was accepted for publication no later than 30 days following submission.
•We will create a gratis cover for your short story to be included with the publication, based on our interpretation of the story (author input not required).
•We will do line editing on your story (for grammar and typos only) prior to publication on the site.
•Your story, upon acceptance, will be published for the length of one year on the website At the end of one year, it will be deleted from the site and rights will automatically revert to you.

If you have any questions, please email us at

Thank you!