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Three Book Rating

Seeing Red by Maggie Toussaint
Freya's Bower
Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Full Length, Sensual
Review by Gloxinia

Owning a bed and breakfast is Emma Heartly's dream, but without a clear title she can't afford the rehab of the abandoned family dwelling. To prove herself to her younger sisters, Emma moves in and begins renovating the two-story house.

Quentin Stone much admires the classic lines of the crumbling Victorian and its red-haired owner. Though Emma can't afford to hire Stone Construction, he volunteers to help her after-hours.

Despite family interference, they lay the foundation for more than a B&B, but troubles follow. Can they overcome past mistakes to find happiness?

♥ ♥ ♥

Sometimes love comes to you...

When Emma Heartly's parents are killed in a tragic car crash, she is forced to grow up early and take care of her younger sisters. Emma spends her life doing what's best to give her sister their dreams, but will she ever be able to follow her own. She never expected that her dreams of love and career would show up at her door.

After four failed engagements Quentin Stone was finished with dating. His construction company and hobbies seemed like enough, until he encountered Emma Heartly. Quentin must fight an internal battle with his fears of commitment and his overwhelming attraction to Emma.

Can Quentin and Emma fight through both their fears and ex-lovers to find the love and happiness they both deserve?

Maggie Toussaint brings life to these intriguing characters in her short novel, Seeing Red. Whether describing the vibrant attraction between the lead characters or the suspense and mystery of the events that bring them closer together, this novel is a romantic treat.

Set in modern day, suburban Maryland, Ms. Toussaint's character descriptions leave you wanting to know more about Emma and Quentin's delightful family members. Her suspenseful dialogue and plots have you rooting for our hero and heroine from the very beginning. This is a great story that you won't want to put down and I would recommend it to anyone wanting a sweet, non-graphic romance.

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Date:  Wed, Jul 30, 2008 at 11:26 AM

Your Name: Maggie Toussaint
Your Comment: Thanks to all the readers and fans who voted for SEEING RED. I\'m touched that so many people enjoyed the review and found this book to be of merit.  I also wanted to thank all the reviewers for the hard work they do. As an author and a reporter, I know that word choices are very important. Nice job on all the reviews.   Man oh man, am I excited! Thanks again.


Date:  Tue, Jul 29, 2008 at 7:25 AM

Your Name: Cathy Glenn
Your Comment: I have enjoyed reading all Maggie\'s books and know this one will be just as entertaining.


Date:  Sat, Jul 26, 2008 at 2:31 PM

Your Name: Maggie Toussaint
Your Comment: Thank you for reviewing Seeing Red. I\'m thrilled to have the review and even more thrilled that the reviewer loved this story. Thanks LASR!

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