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Four and a Half Book Rating

Journey's End by Marly Mathews
The Wild Rose Press, Faery Rose
Contemporary, Paranormal
Short Story, Sweet
Review by Magnolia

Soul mates separated for over one thousand years… Faerie Princess, Lily Fairchild, is on a quest to find her husband, Leo. Guided by her pledge to love him for all eternity, she travels to the human realm of Earth, to seek him out and guide him home. When she discovers him in his prison, she realizes that only her true love can set him free from the evil curse that has trapped him for so many years.

Will their combined love for each other be enough to break the curse and set him free, proving that love really is the greatest magic of all?

♥ ♥ ♥

Journey’s End is the last installment in the Legacy of the Celtic Brooch series. I have read several of the other installments and enjoyed them all. While Journey’s End, like the others can be read as a stand alone, it makes a wonderful conclusions to the series. With any book of this length the author faces major challenges; to develop a plot, create full dimensional characters, and leave the reader with a sense of a story completed. Journey’s End meets all of these challenges.

Princess Lily is heroine with a clear and well defined motive - find her long lost husband. She has spent years (10 faerie and 1000 human) searching for him. The fact she refuses to give up and is willing to go to any length to find him adds to the fairy tale element. She is also a very much to the point type of princess. Like in her conversation with Richard …“Everyone that ever owned the brooch found their perfect love match. Look at Mia…she owned the brooch before she gave it to her aunt.”

“Hmm…perhaps, she should have worn it a bit longer;….”

Richard is a character with some pride issues and Lily has no problem telling him so. The subtly differences between the love she feels for Leo and that of Richard and Mia makes a great conflict in the story. Even adding a moment of doubt, if Lily and Leo are meant to have a happily ever after ending. The character of Hawthorne is well developed and plays a surprising role in the story. The plot of the story is simple but entertaining and fulfilling.

Journey’s End provided a nice mid-afternoon escape.


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Date:  Sun, Jul 27, 2008 at 3:53 PM

Your Name: Pam P
Your Comment: This sounds good, I always enjoy romances with fairies.

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