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Three and a Half Book Rating

An Unbelievable Journey by Lauri Robinson
The Wild Rose Press, Cactus Rose
Contemporary, Historical, Paranormal
Short Story, Spicy
Review by Snapdragon

Sierra Masters isn’t shocked by being transported 125 years into the past- it simply proves aliens do exist. What shocks her is how easily she adjusts to living in 1883, and how quickly she falls in love with the handsome hunk Jesse Jones. Par for her life; she finally finds the man of her dreams, but will lose him in thirty days when the aliens return for her.

Jesse Jones is shocked by the girl he finds on the Nebraska prairie, she wears jewelry in her belly button, tries to shave her legs with his straight-edged razor, and insists an alien gang abducted her. He plans to wash his hands of her until a Shaman claims Sierra Masters is Jesse's woman from the future. Then, as she wiggles her way into his heart, he vows to find a way to make her stay in his time.

♥ ♥ ♥

When her search for happiness is put on hold while Sierra Masters instead ends up seeking one incredibly ugly, bald cat, I realized that "An Unbelievable Journey" was going to be full of the unexpected, and Lauri Robinson's latest romance did not disappoint.

In the midst of the classic Maine vacation - under the shadow of the local lighthouse, escaping everyday life in Omaha, Sierra Masters recognizes in her impatience, her own dissatisfaction with her self, her life, her choices. Although the frustrating feline is what is annoying her right this minute; she acknowledges her unhappiness stems from within. Although this might seem a serious opening - the main character, Sierra, is so in tune with herself, imbued with humor, and has that incredible ability to stand off and see things as they really are, that I didn’t for one moment doubt her ability to cope (either with her situation, or herself.)

Seeking happiness is something that reaches beyond time and place—and Sierra's efforts certainly leap past the boundaries of time. Jesse Jones is the classic hero; he's brave, strong, and kind. He is also from (almost) a different world... or different time at least. Their first meeting has some wonderful humor. I do believe that dialogue and some moments of 'reviewing the situation' could have been condensed a bit...but overall, this is a story that has good characters and an interesting storyline.

From the footsteps of a lighthouse to shaking hands with Wild Bill Cody, Sierra is on a journey of self-discovery that will turn her views completely around. I found the time paradox within this tale intriguing, and enjoyed how it led to unpredictable circumstances—Sierra's efforts to find love gain her more than she ever expects.

A good read for time travel fans.


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