Ten Hottest Men on the Planet (for women of a certain age) (and in no particular order)

By Emly Forrest

Like fine wine, the men on this list just keep getting better and better..

1.Sean Connery (How many times did he make People magazine’s sexiest-man-alive-cover?)

2. Robert Duvall (He’s not especially handsome, but he’s so funny and self-effacing, he had to make this list.)

3. Jeff Bridges (If you grew up in the 60’s, you can’t resist him.)

4. Richard Gere (Quite possibly one of the few men I found to be too pretty when he was young. But now? Oh, Baby!)

5. Antonio Banderas (He was hot when he was young and even more so now.)

6. Sam Elliott (I have lesbian friends who say they’d do him.)

7. Tommy Lee Jones (Another one of those men who is not especially handsome, but he’s a hunk. Especially for us Texas women.)

8. Tom Selleck (Even the extra weight and jowls don’t detract from his appeal.)

9. George Clooney (See number 1.)

10. My husband (I know you don’t know him, but trust me…)

Emly Forrest is the author of The Last Resort (2010) and Irish Ice (Coming in March 2011), both available at www.lyricalpress.com. Please visit her website at www.emlyforrest.com or contact her at emlyforrest@gmail.com.


  1. Like your list but would add Denzel Washington and Lawrence Fishburne.

  2. I agree with some of them. LOL.

    doxisrcool at aol.com

  3. I’ll go for eight out of the ten. I don’t know your husband 🙂

  4. Sean Connery is definitely at the top of my list.

    reading_frenzy at yahoo dot com

  5. I agree with all of them (and your hubby gets my vote too, because it sounds like he’s completely secure and confident… which is always hot!)

  6. Well….I agree on at least 5 of them….lol…Sean Connery definitely had extra sex appeal for a long time:)


  7. I agree with most of them. Sam Elliot is my favorite of all.


  8. I’d agree with Sean C., and several on your list in fact– but where is Alan Rickman, and Denzel Washington, and maybe Samuel L Jackson?

  9. I definitely agree with Sean Connery being up there and also Antonio Banderas, I’ve always liked Tommy Lee Jones he’s cute in his own way but I like him mostly for his acting skills!

    Could you maybe put Patrick Swaze up there even though he’s no longer with us?

  10. I have always like Tommy Lee Jones, don’t know what it is about him, he isn’t that handsome, but there is something about him.

    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  11. Seriously who would have thought a 60 year old Connery would be hot and look good in a kilt?
    Emly I think you should post a pic of your hubby!!


  12. Harrison Ford’s a looker, too! (ggunselman@gmail.com)

  13. tewanda–you are sooooo right. I completely forgot Denzel and I should be whipped for that. That man curls my toes!!

  14. Hey Cindy L–my hubbie would shoot me if I posted a photo of him. He’s very camera shy. But I’ll let him know you suggested it.

  15. Y’all had great additions to this list. I agree with all of them. Anyone have any others?

  16. I agree with most of them particulary Tom Selleck, SEan Connery, George Clooney, Richard Gere

  17. I agree with Sean Connery and a couple of others. Best wishes for Irish Ice.

  18. Sean Connery is the only Bond for me and I can’t resist that accent.

  19. Two word…Sam Elliott.



  20. Trruly a fine list!

  21. I would add my husband and Rufus Sewell, too. kammie2u at ameritech dot net

  22. An excellent selection. I will take your word on it on your hubby.

  23. I would do Sean Connery in a heartbeat, in spite of the 40 year age gap. Yip…

  24. Good list!

    sallans d at yahoo dot com

  25. I always had a thing for Tommy lee jones, since i saw him in Eyes of Laura Mars.

  26. Sam’s voice, Tommy’s depth… great list. all yummy. and I do agree with some additions. Denzel is one of the most solid, most amazing actors today. One word Unstoppable

  27. Sean Connery is great, but I would have added Jared Leto and Gerard Butler too.

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