Signature Roses?

Hi Again!

Okay, I’m not talking about the actual deep pink, Signature rose, but a situation where the color of roses signify the giver.

Clear as mud? LOL!

Let me explain…..

From their first meeting, hero Scott Hensley has given his lady, Katrina Simmons roses – yellow roses – which soon became his/their ‘signature’ rose.

Here is a scene where she first connects the two in her mind…..

Turning toward the table, she caught sight of the single rose that, against all odds, continued to thrive in its vase. Taking it out of the window, she carried it to the table and set
Yellow rose of Texas.
The thought made her think of him, the strangely tender doctor she’d met that night.
Tempered Dreams
© 2005
Publisher: ComStar Media
ISBN# 0-9769960-3-0
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Pamela S Thibodeaux
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it down. Tenderly fingering a silky petal, she smiled. “I don’t know if you’re a special breed of flower or just a stubborn one, or if you’re a symbol of grace, beauty, and hope from God, but you sure are beautiful,” she spoke softly, feeling a little foolish talking to a yellow rose.


  1. My sister loved yellow roses more than any other flower!

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  2. wow i like being number one and i wish to win
    and then the contest and then ilove to read

  3. The yellow roses are my favorite, they also seem to keep longer.


  4. I like white roses, but I forgot what they mean.
    I think it’s romantic when a guy gives a girl a special, signature rose.

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  5. my favorite color of roses is pink.


  6. Yellow roses are beautiful LuAnn.

    Well here’s hoping you win this weekend desi!

    I do believe Yellow Roses live longer, Virginia – at least in my experience they do.

    White Roses are for purity Celtic Chick and I think special signature roses are lovely – this hero Scott, certainly thought so too – his comment “made of tough stock those yellow, Texas roses.” (yeah he was from TX LOL!)

    Thank you all for commenting!

  7. I agree, there is something about yellow roses that is so nice. Probably my favorite color. My favorite rose bush is a yellow one.

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  8. Pink roses are sweet Loretta – in fact about the only color rose I don’t like is black LOL!

    Oh yeah, Jean P – yellow roses are special.

    Thanks ladies for stopping by!

  9. Yellow roses are absolutely beautiful!

  10. I didn’t know yellow roses lasted longer. Good to know. I’m planning on planting some this year.

  11. While I prefer a deep red, any rose is beautiful to look at.

  12. Yellow roses have always been special in my family. My mom defied tradition in the sixties and put yellow roses in her bridal bouquet (something neither her mother or mother in law approvedof). Ever since, my father always gave my mom yellow roses. sighhh….

  13. I totally agree Kasey.

    Yep, Maria, the’ve been known to last longer than others – don’t know why.

    I agree Beth, any rose is absolutely stunning!

    Oh how sweet, Shauna – I just love the hero in Tempered Dreams with his “yellow, Texas roses” like THAT makes a difference LOL!

    Thank you all for commenting ~ watch for a cute post about roses coming today – a personal one 🙂


  14. Yellow roses are pretty but I love orange roses. Maybe it’s because they remind me of my dear departed father. He used to grow them.

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  15. Never thought about orange roses. Those would be cute too!

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