Shannon Leigh’s books

I thought I’d end the night with a list of my books. I also posted a few times over at the Goddess Fish Party Blog:
Getting Personal With Shannon Leigh The Angel
Cheyenne and Darian’s First Kiss
Lycan Lore Excerpt

My Books:
More Than Prophecy
Stairway To Heaven
Chinatown Buffet ebook
Chinatown Buffet audio book
Greenwood Manor ebook
Greenwood Manor audio books
Nana’s Little Black Book ebook
Nana’s Little Black Book audio book
Lycan Lore
Chasing Booty ebook
Chasing Booty audio book
Lycan Lore 2: Offspring
Dark Tales 1: Vampyress

Visit Shannon Leigh at her Website.


  1. I see severl on this list I want-y’all are killing my budget here.

  2. Too bad thers’s not a way to include book purchases on your taxes!

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