One is Never Enough – Nina Pierce

What could possibly please a woman more than her sweet valentine sweeping her off her feet with a delicious meal eaten in candle light, the scent of her favorite flowers filling the air and strains of romantic music creating a soft cloud of passion …

How about TWO valentines?

Now we’re talking! Erotic romance is all about the fantasy. And readers have spoken loud and clear that they’re falling in love with menage stories. And what’s not to enjoy about two heroes hell-bent on falling for the same woman? As a writer there’s always the challenge of figuring out how two alpha males could possibly figure out a way to share. But share they do! And sometimes there’s even some loving between them.

There are all kinds of discussions about whether this kind of relationship is real. Or whether a woman would truly be comfortable accomodating two lovers. But here’s where I’m coming from … erotic romance stories are about the relationships. About the bond that forms whether it’s a triad or a quartet. Is that love … that passion … believable? Does it bring the heroes and the heroine to that forever, happy-ever-after ending? Because that’s what I’m hoping to offer readers. The heartwarming believability that this relationship is the forever kind of love.

So what about you? Are you a fan of menage stories? Is there too much suspending your beliefs to make it a good read? Because anyone who knows me … knows that I’m curious about this kind of stuff!

The first menage I wrote BONDED BY NEED is the first in a shifter series. Jayda Kynslan, the heroine, is a polymorphic shifter, both cougar and wolf. So of course she needs two mates to satisfy her.

Veterinarian Jayda Kynslan recently moved to Montana. The mountains hold many secrets but none as mysterious as hers. She’s just discovered she’s a polymorphic shifter—wolf, cougar, human. Jayda’s not sure who she is—or what her heart and body need.

Recently promised to Cole Takoda, the head of the wolf council, Jayda wants to believe their bond will fulfill her every need. But there’s no denying her cougar growls for a mate of its own. Leader of the cougar council, Zane Brodan has no desire to get involved in a romantic relationship. Tangling with a shifter already promised to another is a bad idea—except when it’s a luscious polymorphic shifter doing the tempting.

Cole believes Jayda is his lifemate. Zane can’t resist her seductions. It seems someone wants to ruin all their plans. As the temperature and body count rise, so does Jayda’s need to possess both men—wolf and cougar—and her needs refuse to be denied.

She looked up the side of the mountain, down into the ravine and back up the rock wall, anywhere to avoid looking at him. “Yes, well, I guess we need to find a way to get out of here. And quickly.” Jayda used the wall to get to her feet, but her head spun again and she swayed. She slumped into Zane’s embrace and he held her while she retched.

“Really, Jayda, I’m pretty sure you have a concussion.” He brushed the hair from her face, his gaze raking over her features. The upturned nose fit perfectly with the rounded cheeks and full lips. Christ, she was beautiful.

Whoa, back up. What the hell was wrong with him? He had just been named head of the cougar shifters. Even considering getting involved with a wolf shifter was just a bad idea all the way around. And here he was, thinking lusty thoughts about the mate of the head honcho. Down, boy, down. He mentally refocused his libido. “There’s no hurry. We need to take this slow. Getting up the ridge may prove a little trickier than coming down.”

Once again she realized how close their bodies were and pushed from him. “Yeah, well, I think there is a reason to hurry.” She shot a glance over her shoulder. “Let’s just get out of here. You can take me back to the clinic and you and your cougars can come back and find the kits.”

The kits. He’d forgotten all about them. Zane went down on one knee and purred low in invitation. They popped out of the small crevice one at a time.

Jayda cooed. “Oh, you found them!”

“No, Jayda, you found them.” He picked one up by the scruff of the neck and smiled. “Not that I’d recommend this method again, but we have them.” Zane looked up the wall. “Now we just have to figure out how to get everyone back up to the truck.”

“Well, how did you get down here?” Jayda looked up, shading her eyes against the noonday sun. “I’m not sure I can climb.”

“I came down in cougar form. But I came in from that direction.” He turned and looked at the slope, trying to work out a solution. “I could carry you on my back.”

She didn’t respond. He turned to see her appraising him and his cock immediately stirred under her probing gaze. Embarrassed, he bent and let the kit join his sibling. “Stupid idea. Why don’t we both shift and we can each carry a kit in our mouths.” He shot her a look over his shoulder. “Do you feel well enough to shift?”

Her face flushed. “Yeah, but…” She looked from his ass to her body. “But then there’re no clothes for me when we get to the top.”


  1. Oh yea, I love menage stories, and then you combined it with shifters, another favorite, and I loved Bonded by Need.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  2. wow that sound so good love to be able to read it i like the idea they can shift the book are becoming so good lately

  3. I’m definitely a fan of menage stories 🙂 Paranormal menage’s even sexier! 🙂

  4. I have never read a menage story but am will to try one.


  5. I am a huge fan of these stories and secretely would love to be involved. Looking forward to reading it!

  6. Cathy – Yeah, the shifter angle added to the menage made this a fun (and intense) story for me to write. I’m planning on the next book in this series “Bonded by Pride” to be released some time this year.

  7. Desi – Shifters are fun to write for sure. I hope you pick this one up!

  8. Miranda – This was the first menage I wrote. It was so much fun I’m working on a second series of memages beginning with “A Touch of Lilly”. I hope you can check them out!

  9. Virginia – Every menage story is a little bit different. Sometimes there is action between the guys and sometimes there isn’t. But if you enjoy M/M romances, a M/M/F menage may be just what you’re looking for. If you enjoy only heterosexual liasions M/F/M menage would be what you’re looking for. Confusing enough? Hope you find a story you fall in love with!

  10. Mindi – And that’s the fun of erotic romance … the secret fantasies! Hope you pick this one up!

  11. Definitely like menage stories! I’ve recently become a big fan of such an intriguing genre, I’ve only read a few but they’ve been really good I can’t wait to read more!

  12. Honestly, I have never read a menag-not sure if I would like it. I do know that a storyline with two men after the same heroine often makes my heart twist because, inevitebly, someone loses.

  13. Gabby – I do love this genre. “Bonded by Need” was my first menage story, but this is a series and all the books after this will feature a triad.

  14. Elie – I can’t speak for all menage stories, but I always aim for the happy-ever-after ending. Which means all three of my characters love one another.

    I’ve recently contracted a “Naughty Nooner” with EC featuring these three. If you want to try a short story menage before going into a full novel you should try one of these FREE reads. “Mating Bonds” should be out by the end of Feb, beginning of March.

  15. Haven’t read a lot of menage stories, but this one sounds like one I want to read. Enjoyed the blurb.

    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  16. I like menage stories if they are well written….
    Thanks for the excerpt!


  17. Menages are Great, especially for V-day!

  18. I’m a fan– as long as it’s not happening to me– too confusing.

  19. Jean – This is the first book in a series. I really enjoyed writing this story.

  20. Maria – You are very welcome!

  21. Stephanie – May you find two valentines at your door tomorrow! ;~O

  22. Hedonist – But the fantasy is ooooh so sweet!

  23. I love menage stories. There’s something very safe feeling about being surrounded by love and desire.

  24. Crystal – Oh, I like the way you said that and it’s so true. Being loved and protected by two guys would be a wonderful feeling. (Though Mr. Nina does a fair job all by himself! ;~O)

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