On screen chemistry

We all have romantic couples who’ve resonated with us, and sometimes the chemistry is intensified by the tension… the waiting for them to come together.

The first TV couple I fell in love with was Maddie and David on Moonlighting. They joked, they fought, they saved each other’s lives, they infuriated one another. And I could not wait for that show to air each week.

Who was your first/favorite TV couple?

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  1. Oh I will so date myself, but I was in elementary school and I loved Luke and Laura on General Hospital. 🙂

  2. I just saw a dvd for Moonlighting yesterday. I almost bought it but it didn’t have the amazing episode where they acted out ‘The Taming of the Shrew’. Best episode ever!

  3. I’ll date myself even more – I think first was Jeannie and Tony Nelson in I Dream of Jeannie lol

    Favorite? Probably Mick St. John and Beth Turner in Moonlight – talk about your serious UST! The episode in the desert is probably my favorite, and I think it’s highest rated too.

  4. Right now my favorite is Brennan and Booth on Bones. I don’t find him at all handsome but the chemistry between the two is very sensual and fun.

  5. Shauna, Luke & Laura are a fave for lots of people. (I also loved Bo and Hope on Days). Maria, too bad about the Moonlighting DVD. I probably would’ve bought it anyway. LOL
    Julie–you didn’t date yourself. Jeannie has been on TVLand for years, right? *wink*
    And Brenda–I had a clip I was going to post with Brennan and Booth. I love, love, them. I do think Seely is hot. Kinda makes me want to watch the show he was in before. Yes, their chemistry is great, and the characters are so real. I felt awful for him this week–but so glad Hannah will be out of the picture!

  6. I’m with you…Maddie and David on Moonlighting. Loved that show!

  7. Well, I guess this is a bit recent–Joey and Dawson from off of Dawson’s Creek. Yes, I use to watch the show! But I loved how their friendship grew into love. I love that type of love. LOL. :0) You know what I mean.


  8. I also like Brenna and Booth from Bones~!

  9. My favorite couple right now is Booth and Brennan from Bones, they have such fun chemistry.

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  10. Wow–lots of Booth and Bones fans! Guess I shoulda posted the Bones link. 🙂 They are really good.

  11. I totally agree with Maddie and David on Moonlighting.

  12. Oh, cool, Emly. Thanks!

  13. First was Eddie and Ellen from ,Vrienden voor het leven’. But that is a Dutch tv-show, so I don’t really expect anyone to know that one… A English-series in which I like the romances is Glee 🙂 I’ve never watched Bones, so I don’t know about that couple.

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  14. Oh, I loved Moonlighting too! I don’t watch much TV nowadays so I’ll stick with them!

  15. I’m so glad I wasn’t out in left field with Moonlighting. LOL

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