Intro and hello from Viki Lyn

Good morning! I’m happy to be participating in the Fourth Anniversary WC Blog Fest! For those who don’t know me, here’s a short bio:

Rainbow award winner, Viki Lyn is a successful writer of sexy gay romance. Her book, Out of Bounds, has received stellar reviews for realistically depicting the hardship many gay people experience when coming out. Fighting Chance has been just released and is the second book in her vampire series, the first book, Last Chance a All Romance Ebooks bestseller!
Now you know I write male/male romance and contemporary as well as paranormal fiction. But enough about me, I’d like ot hear from you!
I have story lines on my mind lately, having to come up with several ideas for 2012.   


  1. Hello Viki – I love paranormal – looking forward to checking out your books. Glad you’re part of the party.

    Kay Dee Royal
    kaydeeroyal at msn dot com

  2. Thank you Kay! The party’s a blast, and thank you for commenting. Viki

  3. Hello Viki!
    I love m/m romance. I didn’t start reading the genre until last December. I discovered that I love the genre. I also enjoy paranormal stories. Have fun at the party!

    user1123 AT comcast DOT net

  4. Hi Stacie, I’ve been reading m/m romance for quite a few years, and Japanese yaoi as well. I have over 300 plus volumes of yaoi on my bookshelf! Hmmm, call it an addiction *grin*. Love especially reading contemporary m/m romance that also has a good mystery thrown in!

  5. Hi, Viki.

    I love your works and look forward in reading more.

    I’m a big m/m and yaoi (manga and anime) fan. As a matter of fact, I bought some yaoi today at Borders!

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  6. Oh Tracey, what yaoi did you purchase? Share…share…I’m so jonesing for some new reads! On my blog, there’s a page where I will be listing yaoi that I’m keeping on my booklist. *g* Have to update it but I will once I finish editing this month!

  7. Great to meet you Viki. I love both genres and look forward to reading yours. I have never read yaoi though.


  8. Hi Viki, it’s good to know you have story lines developing in your mind. As a reader it’s always great to hear when authors have work in progess, it means more stories to enjoy.

  9. I have always enjoyed paranormal books. What are your ideas for next year?

    booksa4me67 at

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