Hectic Day!

Sorry I haven’t been here more… the day started out looking a little busy, and went completely crazy. I haven’t even had time to write! And I’m going to be leaving again in a few minutes, but while I’m here I wanted to check in and say hi. Hope everyone’s enjoying the Valentine weekend festivities!

Since I write YA, I’m curious. When you were in high school, what did you like to receive for Valentine’s Day? What did you give to your love interest?


  1. When I was in high school (back in the 80s) the big thing were bouquets of maylar balloons delivered to school.

  2. Teddy Bears…Balloons. I used to love balloons cause then I’d be able to show off in the hallways—that is if no one was being a jerk and popped them.


  3. Stuffed toys and balloons!

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  4. Chocolate was always nice, but I remember a boy once gave me an entire box of chewing gum. He knew I loved it, so he gifted me a virtual case of it. I was handing it out for weeks. lol

  5. I got stuffed animals-a bunch of them. I gave sweets-mom worked at a candy shop.

  6. Oh, I almost forgot, mixed tapes. Now it is probably some form of play list.

  7. I remember getting the heart shaped box of chocolates.


  8. Chocolate and a stuffed animal. These were affordable for most in high school.

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  9. Chocolates are good too.

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