First love soundtrack

Remember your first love? Who doesn’t!

I bet you’ve got a “soundtrack” for that romance–music you listened to together, or alone when you hung out in your room mooning over him…

My soundtrack includes Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror (it was playing during that first kiss), George Michael’s Faith album, and then when the relationship was going through a rough phase, Richard Marx’s Hold Onto the Night. They all make me think of old Ben, and those soft, fuzzy, memories.

What music makes you think of first love?

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Autumn Piper
Got romance?


  1. All the bands we saw together including the Allman brothers, pink floyd, and the dead to name a few.

  2. Janet Jackson. Tina Turner. Whitney—“And I Will Always Love You!” Aww, memories. Man, this blog entry took me all the way back!

  3. Oh yeah, Boyz to Men, used to love listening to them.

  4. Ours was We’ve Only Just Begun (boy am I dating myself) Great post

  5. The Allman Brothers had some great love-tunes. And Whitney did a nice job with that song. And hey, Lori, I got a music box at my bridal shower that plays We’ve Only Just Begun.

  6. I’d be afraid to admit mine. So I will just say it was bubble gum music. 🙂

    Yes, it was that long ago.

  7. I’m still with my first boyfriend. The music that makes me think of him is True Colors by Phil Collins, I love this song. I wrote it on a painting I painted for my boyfriend.

    luciatea01 (at)

  8. It would have to be Kenny Chesney’s Me and You. It was our wedding song and it fit us perfectly!


  9. One that always got me (and still does, truth be told) is James Taylor’s “Candyman.” Silly, huh?

  10. I have several from my husband, but I sent you one when I was 16, and had broken up with my boyfried:)


  11. Starting to get an awesome list going here…

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