Firewalk by Anne Logston

Firewalk by Anne Logston
Publisher: Mundania Press
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (295 Pages)
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Cyclamen

Kayli, daughter of the High Lord of Bregond, is torn from her magical studies in the Temple of Inner Flame to make an arranged marriage with, Randon, Heir to the throne of Agrond, to bring the two warring countries together.

But Randon’s charming brother Terralt contests Randon’s claim to the throne of Agrond, and attempts on Kayli’s life make her question all she has been taught, and whether she can trust Terralt, Randon — or even herself.

Being the daughter of a High Lord means that Kayli’s life is never totally hers. She is progressing well in her magical studies in the Temple of Inner Flame when suddenly her father arrives to let her know that he has made an arranged marriage for her with the heir to the throne of a neighboring country with the hopes that the two warring nations could find peace.

This novel is Kayli’s story and I was very impressed with the way Anne Logston has created a rich and fully drawn character, one who develops and changes as the story progresses. Kayli is young and powerful, on her way to becoming an initiate in the order, showing an amazing talent even as a novice. I sensed her pride in her accomplishment and her great disappointment when just as she is to take her first fire-walk, she is stopped by the arrival of her father. As the novel progresses, Kayli develops in maturity and dignity. She handles the news of her impending marriage with as much calmness as her fiery nature will allow, realizing that even if things go smoothly, her path is nevertheless uncertain.

The plot is complex and full of suspense and surprises. The pacing is excellent, and this book is a real page-turner. The two nations of Bregond and Agrond are as different as any two nations could be, primarily because of the vast differences in their physical climates and geographies. Bregond is very dry whereas Agrond is lush and green. The physical differences are of course reflected in the cultures as well, so Kayli and her new husband, Randon, have their work cut out for them in order to bring a lasting peace to these nations, a peace that powerful forces are determined to destroy.

This is the first novel in the Firewalk series and I found it to be totally captivating. Readers of fantasy are sure to find a new favorite with Firewalk and I look forward to future novels in the series.

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