Ereader? Physical Book? Or both?

With readers enjoying an ever greater percentage of books on ereaders, I’m curious about which way you swing? Ereader? Physical book? Or do you go both ways?

Personally, I don’t have an ereader yet, but am planning to get one next month as a birthday present to myself.  I think ebooks will be my first choice going forward, unless an author is in town and I can score a signed hard copy.  There’s just something special about a book signed by the author, don’t you think?

My debut novel, Finding Felicity, will be available in both forms next month, so whatever your preference, I invite you to take a look at the blurb, watch the trailer, and read an excerpt at my website/blog, here:

And enter to win a signed paperback by liking my Facebook page, here:

Thanks for joining the party here at LASR!


  1. Beautiful cover. I like both an e-reader and actual book. The e-reader is convient b/c you have all your books right there and you can start reading right when you buy it. The actual books I love because thats what I grew up with and what I’m comfortable with. I love having an actual book in my hands even if I’m running out of room tp put them 🙂

  2. Thats a gorgeous cover. I like to read via ereader, and actually my preference is for audiobooks, BUT, for those books that I LOVE, I must have a physical copy on my bookshelf (a signed copy is even better!)

    Donna Smith
    ahappybooker at gmail dot com

  3. Physical Book! I like turning the pages before I read the next part.


  4. I like both. Never thought I would like my ereader as much as I do. But; there is still nothing like a signed book from an author.
    Sue B

  5. Big congrats on your book!

  6. I have two ereaders and the ability to read books on my phone and laptop. I still buy paper books but I love the convenience of being able to carry hundreds of options on one device. If I love the cover art I usually buy the paper book in addition to the ebook.

    User1123 AT comcast DOT net

  7. I swing both ways!

    Laura xxx

  8. I enjoy ebooks and books. I love the smell of books so I can’t see ever giving them totally up!

    books4me67 at

  9. Thanks for your comments, everyone! I don’t think that paper books are going anywhere any time soon. I hope one of you wins the grand prize and I hope you enjoyed the blogfest today!

  10. I am ereader all the way. Part of the problem is my hands get so stiff and hurting when I hold a real book, I can’t read for very long. With ereader, its easy to prop it on a pillow.

  11. I prefer print books but I have an ereader too and like it!

    Robin D
    robindpdx (at) yahoo (dot) com

  12. I love print books, but an e-reader is so much easier to read on vacation (lugging books is a pain). Just choose the one that fits your needs, and you’ll do well!

  13. So far print books for me but I am planning on getting an ereader in the near future. I like the feel, smell and weigh of a physical book.

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