Cowboys and Bulls

Keeping with the cowboy theme.

After talking to my critique partners about cowboys in books, one of them made a comment about a white Brahman bull. So being me I went home and started researching Brahman bulls. I had no idea of what I was getting into. After an hour I stumbled onto the American Brahman Bull Association and clicked on the link. The first item they had was Brahman show list, which basically let you know what shows were available for you to enter your Bull.

The next item was a lot more interesting: Pictures, Pedigrees and Semen. Semen?? They sell bull semen? So being curious I clicked the link. They had a couple of bulls and you click another link to see their Pedigrees. But there was one bull at the bottom that was under semen. They not only showed the bull, but who his sire was, and a more information about the bill. Then they list the price $200 per straw, or buy 5 or more for $150.00 per straw. (I don’t know how up-to-date this information is.)

Okay, breeding is not cheap. But being a writer this got me thinking, what if sometime in the future cowboys were a considered a special breed and very few of them still lived. Now the cowboys were corralled in a special medical facility where women took care of all their needs, including collecting their semen to impregnate other women to make more cowboys.

Until one of the women finds having sex with the cowboy is much more fun than just collecting then semen, and she begins to fall in love with this man and they plot to get all the cowboys out of the facility. Think of how randy these cowboys are, since they’re only handled but no sex.

Oh what a fun book that could be. I’m curious, how many of you would be interested in reading a book placed in the future, where cowboys are in demand for the off-spring they can produce and they escape from their captures only to turn the tables on the women?

Marie’s first cowboy book, Quick Silver Ranch: Roped And Ready, will be released by The Wild Rose Press on Feb. 18th. You can click here for more information.

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  1. Sounds fun and kinky to me, so why not?

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  2. we have bull in our area and the horn are over 5 ft across and wow the girl collect
    the the stuff and then she has her hand full ha ha

  3. Hi Cathy, thanks for stopping by. It sounded fun and kinky to me too. Maybe one of these days.

  4. Hi Desitheblonde, thanks for commenting. Yikes, horns over 5 ft long, no I wouldn’t want to be the girl that collects from them, a little to dangerous for me. LOL

  5. Yes the world of cattle breeding is big business, I grew up on a farm and we raised purebred Charolais cattle. I would read a book that had cowboys that were in the future, sounds kind of kinky, but it would be fun to read.

    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  6. I loved this post Marie! The laughter felt great! I learn lots in reading romance books and too many with the historical westerns (regency, them all) but so never learned about the different bulls or what cowboys really do!! I love to look something up I learned but yet anything near this, LOL. I did read a fun contemporary romance with a Mule that had a ‘speaking’ role in the book and it was awesome laughs (Down Home Ever Lovin’ Mule Blues by Jacquie Rogers) and learned some things that too had me laughing.

    Off to check out about your upcoming debut. Congrats!

    cathiecaffey @

  7. LOL!! Yes, I’d definitely like to see the men be the cattle instead of women for once!! Could be lots of fun.

  8. Hi Jean, thanks for stopping by. I kind of assumed cattle breeding was big business, nice to have it confirmed.

  9. Hi Cathie, glad you stopped by. It’s always nice when we can learn something new. Thanks for checking out my upcoming debut.

  10. Hi Stephanie, thanks for posting. LOL never thought about the men being the cattle instead of the women.

  11. Oh i would read the book. I love me some cowboys but I think I would be one that would want the sex from them instead of just getting their seman.


  12. Hi Virginia, I agree I’d want sex too. Thanks for stopping by.

  13. I like the premise.


  14. Hi Loretta, thanks for the comment, I’m glad you like it.

  15. They say you can find anything in a book, so why not? Sounds like it could be a fun one.

  16. I put Roped on my to buy list late last week!.

  17. Hi Nancy G, thanks for commenting. Glad you think this could be a fun book.

  18. Hi Lisagk, thanks for stopping by. Thank you for putting my on your to buy list, that is so nice to hear.

  19. he is a big long horn been here in mo and does commerical around the area all the time
    he a big baby if you got apple or goodies he let you pet him and ride him they do

  20. My sister was in 4-H when she was young and breeding of show and special animals is very common–be it natural or insemination–I liked this a lot! Loved the research, it is all interesting because of the unusual information!

  21. definitely an interesting concept. Could be fun.

  22. Interesting Story thought. Write it hot enough and I’d read it.

  23. Since I am a PA city girl this is all new information for me. I can probably count one one hand how many times I seen a bull 🙂

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