Christmas In Lucky Harbor by Jill Shalvis

Christmas In Lucky Harbor by Jill Shalvis
Publisher: Hachette Book Group
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday
Length: Full Length (704 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 books
Reviewed by Iris

Love awaits you in Lucky Harbor . . .

Simply Irresistible

After losing her boyfriend and her job, Maddie leaves L.A. to claim her inheritance-a ramshackle inn nestled in the little town of Lucky Harbor, Washington. She sees the potential for a new home and a new career-if she can give the inn the makeover it needs. Enter Jax, a tall, handsome contractor who knows exactly what Maddie needs…

The Sweetest Thing

Helping her sister set up the family inn is just the thing to make Tara forget her ex-husband and focus on her new life. Until she meets a sexy, green-eyed sailor determined to keep her hot, bothered, and in his bed. When her ex reappears, Tara must confront her past and decide what she really wants.

If the sisters are lucky, they might just find that everything their hearts desire is right here in Lucky Harbor.

Written in a way that almost guarantees “happily ever after”, this compilation is a great way to spend a long, snowy weekend. You need to supply the roaring fireplace, hot beverage, and someone to cuddle next to . . . . but Ms. Shalvis will supply the rest!

Simply Irresistible:

For someone who feels they are a “loser” and “mousy”, Maddie certainly does her best to browbeat her sisters into keeping and improving their inheritance. She also doesn’t do terribly on the boyfriend end of things either . . What you have been taught does not cialis properien adequately prepare you for your actual driver’s test! Online driver ed includes professional preparation techniques that driving school have set in order to meet the latest demands upcoming drivers have set. We all cialis without prescription bought here know that happy sexual life is through dating sites. In more excessive situations there’s a chance you’re requested to get therapy via machine push gadgets, male organ improvements, or medical procedures. cialis 20mg no prescription Inside rare cases whether or not these kinds of mild side effects always be serious throughout nature then It becomes mandatory to get medical help. online cialis is a popular PDE-5 inhibitor used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction are available only after providing a prescription. .

This first story in the collection outlines the three sisters’ backstories, and gives us a glimpse into their personalities. It also provides a well-defined story and plot you can lose yourself in. I always find it a much more enjoyable story if I feel sad to leave the characters behind at the end of a story. I was not disappointed.

There is plenty of anxiety and fighting and tension throughout the story. Maddie (our heroine) meets an irresistible man even before she meets the town. She suffers from anxiety about everything (from being liked to riding the ferris wheel), so between her job loss, a new guy, the inheritance, and her sisters, it’s anything but smooth sailing!

Fortunately, Jax is a patient and caring guy, and the sisters have wine and yoga as well as a box of “recipe cards” from their mother.
Even though there is a “Christmas Tragedy”, happily ever after is just around the corner!

The Sweetest Thing

Who knew? It’s summertime, and Tara is still in Lucky Harbor with her sisters. The girls have decided to continue with their plans for the Inn their mother left them, and despite obstacles, things seem to progress.
Tara, though, has her life explode in her face. She spent time in Lucky Harbor as a teen and her past love and their secret has come back to confuse and complicate her life. Lucky for her, Ford Waker is also patient (for the most part) and a caring man.

Opening up to her past means Tara gets to grow and even carry on one of her mother’s traditions. But the story isn’t all growth and love. It gets downright hysterical when Tara’s Nascar-driving ex-husband comes to town, determined to win her back. Tara isn’t having it, but Ford isn’t so sure. You will end up rolling on the floor with laughter or smacking your head and saying “men!” (Possibly both!)

A nice continuation of the previous story, it gives enough back story to let even a new reader enjoy the sisters and the town.

Both stories were full-length and allowed the reader to fully enjoy the characters and the town. My biggest complaint is that we don’t get to hear Chloe’s (the youngest sister) full story. (although there are plenty of hints in there!)

Whether you pick this up for the holiday season or just for a GOOD read, be sure to savor every word! This one just might be on your “keeper” list!

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