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Welcome to Between The Covers, my monthly blog about erotic romance in the news! My name is Rebecca Gillan. Sometimes I come across stories that look like normal people doing normal people stuff. And sometimes I come across stories that sound like someone tried to re-enact their favorite scene from a romance novel and it didn’t go so well. Once a month, on the first Friday of the month, I share some of these juicy gems. So grab your popcorn and enjoy the ride!
Everyone knows the stereotype about the sexy guy or gal in uniform. They also say that hooking up at work or in an unusual place is a great way to spice up your relationship. Might I humbly suggest, if you are a bus driver, that you not turn your work vehicle into a luv-mobile. If you can’t help yourself, please don’t file for overtime for it.
Our society is an interesting blend of the puritan, the exhibitionist and everything in between. Nothing demonstrates that more that a case that cropped up in Colorado recently where jurors were asked if their personal views on porn would keep them from acting fairly. The “victim” in this case was adult book store burglarized. Seriously? The fact that the store sold something many would not want to view should never have even come up.  No one’s asking them to visit the store, only decided if the defendant broke in and burglarized the place! And yes, at least one juror who admitted she couldn’t be fair and reasonable did make it onto the jury.
This next one is a little older, being dated to November 2010, but its topic is as relevant as ever. Colby Brin, the director the popular web blog, Date My Single Kid, made the revelation that “you may know what you want, but your mother knows what you need.” He made a list of celebs who really should have listened to their mothers on finding that special someone.
Last but not least, the most romantic picture of our time. A freelance photograph was snapping shots of the recent Vancouver riots. He saw what looked like a man bending over an injured woman and snapped a shot. It wasn’t until later that he realized what he had. As to the couple finding romance in a totally unexpected venue, I give them five stars; these two got it exactly right!
Remember to have a little fun from time to time, but keep it between the covers or you might end up in the police blotter- or on this blog!


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