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Heat Stroke: Banished by Alice Gaines
Heat Stroke: Cat Got Your Tongue? by Melinda Barron
Heat Stroke: Fire and Isis by Leila Brown
Heat Stroke: Night Heat by Kassie Burns
Heat Stroke: Paws to Heal by Lena Austin
Heat Stroke: Sanctuary by Fire by Hunter Raines
Heat Stroke: Solar Flare by Elizabeth Jewell
Heroes of Silver Springs 2: Twin Games by Tonya Ramagos
Hexed by Blayne Edwards
Hired Hands by Wendi Darlin
Hooked by Kate Davies
Horsefall: Tail of Two Brothers by Jade Buchanan
Hostages of Love by Sophie del Mar
Hot-Blooded by KyAnn Waters
Hot River: Second Chance Charity by Kate Hill
Hot River: Triple Shot Tracy by Kate Hill
Hungarian Masquerade by Lara Dien
Hunting Evil by B.J. McCall
The Huntsmen 2: Bareback by Amber Green


Imperative: Always You by Belinda McBride
Imperative: Missing You by Belinda McBride
Improper Nights by Leslie Dicken
In Her Wildest Dreams by Kimberly Dean
In His Sleep by Hollie Brooks
Initiating Christian by Emma Wildes
Insatiable Passion by Nicole L. Pierce
Island Treasure: Book 1 by Rusty Wicks
It’s All In The Jeans by Tory Richards

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Jule Reigh and the Jim Stone Affair by Lani Aames

2008 All Reviews by Title — L through O

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